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Loose Teeth Amongst Adults

There is usually no cause for alarm when a child complains that their baby teeth are loose. However, prompt dental care is required if a child or an adult has a permanent tooth that has become loose in its socket. Dr. Ben Kacos, the best endodontist in Shreveport LA, points out that teeth can become loose for a wide variety of reasons. The three most common reasons include gum disease, teeth grinding, and trauma to the mouth or teeth. Fortunately, loose permanent teeth can be treated and saved as long you as you contact Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport, as soon as possible, preferably before 24 hours have elapsed from the time you noticed that your tooth has become loose.

Remember the following important things if any of your teeth ever become loose.

What To Do When Permanent Tooth Becomes Loose

Leave the Loose Tooth Alone

If you have a loose tooth that hasn’t fallen out of its socket, your first priority is to make sure that it stays in place. If the tooth drops out, it will be a lot harder to save it. For this reason, Dr. Ben Kacos recommends that you refrain from poking or trying to move the loose tooth using your tongue or fingers. Avoid eating anything that could exert excessive strain on that tooth or even stick to it to the extent that the tooth is accidentally pulled out while you eat.

 Keep the Loose Tooth Clean

It is usually difficult to clean a loose tooth using the normal ways of maintaining dental hygiene, such as by brushing and flossing. However, that loose tooth is at a high risk of developing an infection, so it is imperative that you find safe ways to keep it clean. Our friend and St. Petersburg, FL dentist, Dr. Brian Leeson, recommends that you use clean water to rinse your mouth gently so that all food particles can be removed from the mouth. Use water that is at room temperature since warm water could cause pain due to the exposed inner tissues of the loose tooth.

See Dr. Kacos Immediately 

Only an experienced dentist, such as Dr. Ben Kacos at Shreveport’s Dentist, can restore the loose tooth. If you would like to increase the possibility of saving your loose tooth, ensure that you visit Dr. Kacos as soon as possible within the first 24 hours after the tooth becomes loose. 

Treatments for Loose Permanent Teeth

After your dentist decides the cause of the loose permanent toot, you will receive one of the following treatments:

  • Treating Periodontal Disease

Many cases of loose teeth can be attributed to gum disease. For such patients, Dr. Ben Kacos could administer gum disease treatment so that the loose teeth can become firmly anchored again. This treatment could take the form of root scaling and planing or any other technique that the endodontist in Shreveport considers appropriate in your situation.

  • Tooth Splinting

This treatment option entails placing a dental crown on the loose tooth as well as on the surrounding teeth on each side. The firm teeth help to keep the loose tooth in position while it heals. This method buys time and allows the loose tooth to stay immobile until it recovers its firm anchorage in the socket.

  • Use of a Mouth Guard

Some people grind their teeth at night. This exerts a lot of stress that eventually causes the teeth to become loose. For such patients, Dr. Ben Kacos may prescribe a custom mouth guard that they can wear while they sleep. This device will protect the teeth and allow the gums, ligaments and other soft tissues to heal. The loose teeth can then gradually recover and become firm in their sockets.

  • Bite Adjustment

For patients that grind their teeth, bite adjustment is another intervention. In this procedure, Dr. Ben Kacos grinds away a small amount of tooth enamel. This will deflect some of the bite forces away from the loose tooth. The bite adjustment shields the loose tooth from some stress, giving it an opportunity to heal.

  • Tooth Extraction and Replacement

Unfortunately, the damage to your loose tooth may be so severe that it may not be viable to save it. In such situations, Dr. Ben Kacos will be left with no choice but to extract those teeth and replace them with alternatives, such as bridges, implant-supported crowns or even dentures.

Contact Shreveport, LA Dentist ASAP

Dr. Ben Kacos regards tooth extraction as the last option once all other remedies have been considered or tried. The key to saving your loose tooth lies in seeking professional help promptly, so call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Kacos today if you live in the Shreveport area. You will be glad that you didn’t waste any time in getting there!