5 things your dental hygienist wishes your knew

4 Things Your Dental Hygienist Wishes You Knew About Your Dental Hygiene: 2021 

When you visit our dental office in Shreveport, LA, your dental hygienist will always be a friendly face. We take pride in not just being your favorite dental office but also consider all of our patients’ family. That being said, we not only care about your oral health but your well-being. As a result, your hygienist will learn a lot about how you’ve been keeping up with your oral routine. At Shreveport’s Dentist, our dental hygienists will often ask questions to determine if your answers are consistent with your oral health. This way, they’ll be able to assist you. However, you’d be surprised what your hygienist knows already. Below, we explore 4 things your dental hygienist wishes you knew about your dental hygiene.

Hygienists Know if You Floss

Even if you say you do, they know right away if you actually do. When your gums are too sensitive to handle the “pokes” of our dental tools, it can be apparent if you floss or not. The buildup of tartar is another obvious sign. Oftentimes you may be brushing and flossing daily, but they can still see things that are not visible to you.

Keep Your Hygiene Appointment

You may think it’s ok to skip your dental hygiene appointment. We know things come up, absolutely. But if you can avoid it, your dental hygienist encourages you to look at those appointments as a priority in your oral and full-body health. Consider it self-care.

Also, your Shreveport Dental Hygienists’ schedule is much different than your dentist. Dr. Kacos can leave openings in his schedule for emergency dental visits. Our hygiene schedule will fill up fast, especially at the beginning of the year. All dental offices struggle with this. We always do our best to accommodate if a patient needs to reschedule. However, it puts your oral health at risk if you don’t stay on top of your professional teeth cleanings.

Dental Hygienists Won’t Lecture You 

Trying to convince patients to take their oral health seriously can be exhausting, especially because the principles of oral care are quite basic. If you don’t want to hear the same thing said every time you come for a cleaning, don’t worry, you won’t. Hygienists get a degree in dental hygiene because of their compassionate nature and excellent interpersonal skills. We are always aware of patients’ anxiety and/or concerns when choosing a new dentist in Shreveport.

Visit Your Dentist Often 

Our team is here to help you achieve good oral health. We want you to feel confident in the way your smile looks and feels. When you visit your dentist in Shreveport, LA, every six months, you can avoid serious health issues. Your hygienist will professionally clean your smile, and Dr. Kacos will further examine it for any signs of gum disease or oral cancer. You can also avoid the higher cost of more complex dental treatments. Contact Dr. Kacos’s office today to schedule your appointment with us. If you want to skip a consultation, you can always submit a virtual consultation, and our team will get back to you with a recommended treatment plan!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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