Tooth Abscess Causes and Symptoms

Tooth Abscess Causes and Symptoms

Tooth Abscess Causes and SymptomsThe abscess of a tooth is a significant dental emergency. However, many don’t know the dental abscess or treatment symptoms. Instead, in only a few hours, they are susceptible to heat and cold sensitivity. Then, they have a terrible toothache and don’t know what to do next. Anyone who has ever had a dental abscess will say it’s not going to work wait to see a dentist. You need to see your emergency dentist in Shreveport LA immediately.

What are Tooth Abscess Causes and Symptoms?

An abscess dental is an infection that causes pus. This happens when white blood cells are our bloodstream infection troops. If the cells fail the fight against an infection, they become pus. Dental pus produces tooth or gum pressure and can cause acute dental pain. Thus, an infection of the tooth and tooth pulp is treated differently than a periodontal abscess in the gums.

Dr. Ben Kacos, 71105 dentist, explains that periodontal abscess involves gums and the classic framework that supports your teeth might be weakened and cause your teeth to lose. As follows, our Shreveport LA dentist says the best treatment for dental abscesses is immediate drainage and antibiotics.

What Causes a Tooth Abscess?

An abscess happens when germs build up in the mouth between the tooth and the gums or in the inner tooth layer of pulp. This could be caused to untreated dental decay or gum disease, or when a tooth has small fractures which enable vast quantities of bacteria to accumulate. As follows, the infection spreads to the surrounding bone and gums if a tooth is abscessed and might lead to a concern for the complete body’s health. Our friend Dr. Hoang, a dentist in Bethlehem, GA, points out that tooth abscess needs to be treated immediately. The infection can spread throughout the body, causing even more damage.

What are the Symptoms?

In most situations, a dental abscess is caused by slight pain or a minor sensitivity to hot and cold meals and drinks. However, it can quickly spread to acute discomfort and other infectious signs. If you detect any of the following symptoms of tooth abscess, you should contact Shreveport Dental Solutions immediately:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Draining sores
  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Nausea or unsettled stomach
  • Pus around the tooth

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If you have the above symptoms, please contact Shreveport Dental Solutions immediately. We try to keep spaces open in our days for emergency dentistry appointments.  We’re here to help alleviate your pain!

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

Root Canal Vs. Tooth ExtractionIn case of a terrible toothache, your emergency dentist in Shreveport LA should arrange an appointment as quickly as feasible. However, you may have questions regarding the treatment you are receiving before your consultation. You may not like the concept of root canal therapy, even when your injured tooth can be preserved. You may desire a tooth extraction to be easier, but you may not want an imperfect grin. What treatment are you supposed to choose? Today, Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, explains all you need to know about root canal vs. tooth extraction.

Which Treatment Is Better? Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

Severe toothaches are often caused by infection or damage in the interior chamber of a tooth’s pulp. Our 71105 dentist explains that the nerve in the tooth gets inflamed. Then, it transmits huge signals of pain to the brain. The removal of the tooth, including the diseased tissue and nerve responsible for the pain, will handle the situation.

The therapy of the root canal is more conservative. A dentist is removing the diseased tissue and nerve from the interior of the tooth during the treatment. The teeth are then filled with a specific substance called gutta percha. It should be noted that root canal therapy Shreveport LA is not a painful treatment, contrary to common conceptions. During the operation, most patients feel little or nothing.


There is no risk-free dental or medical operation. Root canal treatment risks include:

  • If your dentist cannot remove all of the bacteria from the interior of an infected tooth, endodontic retreat on the road may be required. However, this is extremely rare.
  • A tooth is weaker and susceptible to fractures following a root canal. However, by investing in a high-quality crown you can almost eliminate this risk.
  • Some groups argue that systemic sickness may result from root canal therapy. However, there is minimal and dubious evidence for this effect.

Dental extraction risks are more severe than those associated with root canal therapy. It contains:

  • Once the tooth has been bone, its volume and mass will begin to diminish.
  • Thus, adjacent teeth can be removed, resulting in a misplaced dent.
  • There is a growing danger of future tooth loss.


Costs are pretty much the same across the country. We asked our friends over at Green Dental Care, emergency dentist Parker CO, and they agreed: Dental extraction is less expensive than root canal therapy. However, you should consider having a dental implant to replace the tooth lost, in order to prevent jawbone degradation and dental drift. Dental Implants are an outstanding treatment, but they can cost a lot of money. Root canal therapy avoids the need for future dental replacement and can save you money in the long term.

Which is the Best?

Root canal treatment is most often a better option than an extraction to treat an infected tooth. Exceptions exist, though, such as if the tooth has been severely damaged. Before making the advice for treatment, your dentist will carefully assess your oral condition.

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Causes of a Dead Tooth

Causes of a Dead Tooth

what causes a dead toothThe dentin, enamel, and pulp are three layers in one tooth. Teeth must be continuously supplied with blood to the pulp, which is the inside of the tooth consisting of blood vessels and nerves. Once the blood flow is stopped from pulp, a lack of required nutrients and oxygen causes the tooth to begin to die. So, what causes a dead tooth?

What Causes a Dead Tooth?

Below, Dr. Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, details the causes of a dead tooth.

Tooth Decay

Due to the lack of proper oral hygiene patterns, tooth decline can occur, leading to infection, and finally tooth death, over time. As follows, this is when there is access to the bacteria’s soft pulp tissue. The longer the inflamed tooth persists, the more likely it is that the tooth will die. Healthy pulp will resist the infection as long as possible.

Dental Trauma

Physical tooth injuries may occur quickly because of several reasons including a bike accident, a fall, or facial damage. Our 71105 dentist explains that the blood supply of the tooth may end, causing the tooth to die.

Dead Tooth Symptoms

There are two principal symptoms if you suspect you have a dead tooth:


The first clue you usually have a dead tooth is the pain in and around the tooth. The discomfort may be modest to awful.


A dying or dead tooth changes color and seems to be identical with bruises owing to a lack of blood flow.

How is a Dead Tooth Fixed?

It is vital that a dying or dead tooth be treated quickly because steps can be done to perhaps repair or at least prevent its infection. The level of damage to the tooth can be checked by your Shreveport dentist for a remedial strategy.

Dead Tooth Therapy

So, what do you do when your tooth dies? Is it salvageable? We checked with our other dentist friends across the board. Dr. Kristina Neda, the best dentist in Georgetown KY, agrees with us that the two ways below are the best ways to treat a dead tooth.

Tooth Extract

Early treatment might assist to prevent the removal of the tooth, but it must be pulled to prevent infection from spread if it is not in a state to be saved. The dental extractions can be performed fast and with little pain as routine. Once the tooth is pulled, there are a few alternatives that can improve your oral health to replace the tooth, for example, with dental bridges or implants. Our friend Dr. Ryan Helgerson, a dentist in Grand Junction, CO, recommends dental implants for a more permanent solution.

Root Canal

extensive cleaning of the interior of the tooth is necessary in order to remove sick tissue, clean the teeth, and pulp out. Even if the tooth is dead, it can still be useful until it is broken. Dead teeth are usually fragile and easy to crack and pull, thus a dental corona can be implanted to offer strength and tooth support.

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If you think you may have a dead tooth, please contact Shreveport Dental Solutions today. We would love to get your smile back on track and discuss your options.

Smile Makeover Highlight

Smile Makeover Highlight in Shreveport LA

Smile Makeover HighlightAre you thinking about getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure? There are so many amazing advantages to restorative and cosmetic dentistry options. A smile makeover is when our Shreveport LA dentist combines multiple procedures to give you the smile of your dreams. 

For this particular patient, we are focusing on cosmetic crowns and dental veneers. 

Dental Crown

If you are considering getting a dental crown placed over one or more of your teeth, you’ve come to the right place. Our cosmetic dentistry Shreveport explains that dental crowns are able to beautifully restore your tooth’s strength while fixing minor cosmetic issues with your smile. A dental crown can be used to repair a damaged or badly worn-down tooth, to support a tooth with a big filling and little natural coronal tooth structure remaining, or to keep portions of a split tooth together. Additionally, it protects a weak tooth from additional deterioration or injury.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are another great option to drastically change your smile, fixing the color, shape, and more to give you a beautiful smile for years to come. Patients who want a bright smile can obtain porcelain veneers from Dr. Ben Kacos for optimum treatment of stains, chipping, or minor gaps. Candidates for veneers should have adequate periodontal and dental health, enough enamel, and a consistent oral hygiene regimen. Once in place, veneers can give a stunning and long-lasting solution for your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

For this patient, Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, shares the multiple procedures this patient received to achieve her smile. Our practice helped this wonderful lady lengthen and strengthen her teeth while keeping the gap that she loves.

Scope of Work

We utilized cosmetic crown lengthening to make this patient’s front teeth more similar in length. We placed 3 veneers and a crown to work to improve shape and color. This patient was shown two options: one option to close the gap in between her two front teeth and one option to reduce the size of the gap.  This wonderful lady elected to keep the gap. We actually think that is pretty cool and this has been a fun case because of it! The photos below are only her temporaries. Check out her transformation below!

smile makeover highlight

Dr. Ben Kacos discusses more information on this patient’s unique case:

Cosmetic Dentistry in Shreveport LA

Ready to get the smile of your dreams? We’re here to help. Our 71105 dentist would love to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options with you. Contact Shreveport Dental Solutions today to schedule your consultation. Let’s get you the smile of your dreams! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram today to see more of our cosmetic cases. You can also check out our reviews on Google to learn more about why Shreveport residents love our practice.