Why Sleep Dentistry

why sleep dentistry
Why Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry uses particular drugs to assist patients in relaxing during dental treatments. These medications can range from nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to general anesthesia, which causes patients to lose awareness or consciousness.

Why Consider Sleep Dentistry

Even if a patient is not facing a critical operation or does not suffer fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist, it is not uncommon for dentists to offer sedation dentistry. Below, our sedation dentist Shreveport shares reasons you should consider sedation dentistry.

Fear of Visiting Your Dentist

Fear or anxiety about going to the dentist in Shreveport is the most prevalent reason patients choose sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry completely relaxes and dulls the patient’s senses. Sedation dentistry gives the patient a cheerful and relaxed feeling and an overall sense of well-being. The patient will not experience any discomfort during the treatment and will have no recollection of it.

Quickens the Experience

It can be awkward for a patient reclining in the chair to stare at their dentist and the ceiling for the entirety of the visit, no matter how warm and welcoming the dentist is. Even modest sedation can make a dentist near me appointment fly by in the blink of an eye.

Reduces Trips to Dentist

Some dental procedures necessitate numerous visits, not because the dentist cannot complete the work in a single visit, but because patients can only manage so much dental care in a single appointment. Sedation dentistry eliminates the need for a second visit. In addition, Dr. Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, shares that it allows dentists to perform all of their treatment in a single charge. Thus, this frees up patients’ calendars to spend as they see fit.

Removes the Gag Reflex

Some people have an extreme gag reflex, making dental procedures painful. Hands and instruments deep inside the mouth can set off the response, causing the dental session to be disrupted or slowed. Our friend Dr. O’Grady, sleep dentist Denver, shares that mild kinds of sedation dentistry will reduce the gag reflex. Therefore, this allows dentists to work more efficiently and patients to feel more at ease.

Teeth And Gum Sensitivity

While most patients have no physical issues with dental work, sensitive teeth and gums can make a dentist appointment unpleasant. Patients who are hypersensitive to pain frequently enjoy a far more pleasant dental treatment when sedated.

Having Difficulties Sitting Still

Sedation dentistry can help patients who have difficulties sitting still or limitations. Even the mildest forms of sedation dentistry can help fidgety patients calm their bodies. Sedation’s relaxing effects are especially advantageous to people with impairments who cannot stay still for long periods.

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