5 Compelling Reasons to Floss Daily

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What are the reasons to floss daily? No matter how many times you are told or how many times you’ve read about it in health magazines, you always seem to forget to floss. But it’s not that you’re one of those people who don’t think using a tiny piece of waxed string can make a real difference in their dental health. 

That dental floss lying on your bathroom counter is actually the third one you’ve bought that you’ve actually tried using before it expires. But getting into a habit of flossing just seems too challenging for you. There’s just no time for it in your daily packed schedule!

Well, it’s not time to give up; and you shouldn’t. To help you get into the habit and stick to it, here are five compelling reasons to floss daily from Shreveport dentist Dr. Benjamin Kacos:

1. Protects your teeth from tooth decay

Have you ever heard anyone say “avoiding the floss can lead to a loss (of teeth)”? Well, now you know. It’s true — food debris that accumulates in your mouth area, particularly in the deep recesses of your mouth, is precisely the reason why bacteria begin to breed.

This process leads to the production of plaque – that sticky film on your teeth and gum area – which, when allowed to accumulate, will harden thereby leading to tartar (a.k.a. “calculus”) deposit formation.

Properly flossing, especially in between teeth, can save your teeth from the consequences of tartar buildup.

2. Prevents periodontal disease

For the same reason you need to floss to avoid tartar formation, you also protect your precious gums by regularly flossing before you brush your teeth. Quite frankly, gum disease is caused by the harmful bacteria that thrive on food particles caught in your mouth after eating. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, so start flossing!

3. Gives you a whiter, healthy smile and fresh breath

Flossing regularly helps in preventing food stains from leaving an unsightly mark on your teeth by adding another level of cleaning in the process. Remember, food particles caught in your mouth area are a haven for bacteria, and those are precursors of tooth decay and foul-smelling breath.

4. Protects you from other serious health concerns

Research has proven that poor oral health predisposes people to develop serious diseases that compromise cardiovascular, urinary tract and respiratory health, including pneumonia, heart attacks, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke.

5. Helps you save money

Everyone is afraid of having to go through costly dental or orthodontic procedures in order to have a beautiful smile. The sad thing is not everyone is seriously considering the value of flossing. Don’t forget that it is an essential habit that guarantees an added layer of protection from gum disease and needless tooth loss.

Hopefully, these five reasons to floss daily will motivate you to floss. So instead of staring at your dental floss, or treating it like one of your plant displays in the bathroom, use it now and use it well.

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