5 Dental Procedures to Repair Cracked Tooth

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Teeth can be cracked or broken due to a variety of reasons. Either can happen due to something as simple as eating/biting hard on candy, or something as complicated as accidents/injuries, or the failure of old fillings.

One thing is for certain: You need to get your cracked tooth repaired by Shreveport Dentist Dr. Benjamin Kacos ASAP. Otherwise, you risk infection or even tooth loss.

Repairing cracked teeth

There is no cookie-cutter solution for repairing cracked teeth.

When you arrive at the dental office, Dr. Benjamin Kacos will evaluate your tooth and then recommend the solution that is most suitable for your unique circumstance.

Here’s a brief glimpse of 5 dental procedures to repair a cracked tooth.

Dental bonding

One solution that Dr. Benjamin Kacos may recommend to you is dental bonding. Dental bonding is a procedure that is used for a wide variety of dental problems.

As a solution for cracked teeth, bonding offers a few advantages. For one, when cared for properly, it can last for several years. Furthermore, it is a straightforward process that does not require the use of anesthesia.


Like dental bonding, veneers are used to solve a myriad of dental issues, including cracked/broken/chipped tooth.

Essentially, the veneer will act as a cover for the affected tooth as it is bonded to it. Like dental bonding, veneers are durable and are easily installed.

But apart from those advantages, veneers can improve the appearance of teeth.


Crowns are often used for more severe situations.

Essentially, the crown functions as a cover for the whole tooth, protecting it from further damage while allowing you to eat and drink normally.

Unlike veneers and dental bonding, crowns take more time and work to install due to the different steps that need to be undertaken. These include tooth preparation, taking impressions, and cementing the crowns.

Root canals

Sometimes, the crack is so severe that it extends into the pulp of the affected tooth. In this case, Dr. Benjamin Kacos may recommend the use of a crown as a temporary solution. But for the long term, he or she may recommend a root canal procedure.

In a root canal, the nerve and the decayed matter inside the affected tooth are removed to prevent a host of problems including infection and bone loss.


Lastly, implants are as much a cracked tooth solution as a tooth replacement option.

Sometimes, a cracked or broken tooth can no longer be salvaged and needs to be extracted. In such a case, Dr. Benjamin Kacos will recommend different tooth replacement options, including the use of implants.

Implants entail the surgical installation of titanium screws on the jaw bone. These screws act as an anchor for the implants.

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