7 Dental Implant Advantages You Should Know

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dental implant advantages - Shreveport's dentist Dr. Ben Kacos

7 Dental Implant Advantages You Should Know

You may be a good candidate for dental implants if you have lost one or more teeth, aren’t comfortable with your dental restorations (dentures, for example) or your natural teeth are broken beyond saving. Read on and discover some of the benefits that Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA outlines for individuals thinking of having a dental implant placed.

Functioning Like Natural Teeth

You will have normal bite force distribution if you get a dental implant as a replacement for a missing tooth. This is because the titanium implant fuses with your jawbone to give the tooth crown a firm base which can take any force exerted while you use your teeth to bite, chew or perform any other task. You can also perform your normal oral care routines, such as brushing or flossing, without changing them. This is unlike other prosthetics, such as dentures, that need to be soaked in a cleaning fluid every night.

Dental Implants Are Very Durable

Another reason why you should consider getting dental implants is that they can outlast other restorations. For example, it is very hard for someone to use the same dentures for a decade without replacing them. Similarly, dental bridges last approximately ten years. In contrast, dental implants can last you for your entire lifetime if you care for them in the way recommended by your dentist in Shreveport, LA. This longevity means that you will not have to worry about future replacement costs.

They Avert Bone Loss

The jawbone where a tooth is missing quickly deteriorates because the area isn’t receiving stimulation to regenerate more bone. For example, Dr. Ben Kacos explains that people typically lose approximately 25 percent of the bone mass in the jaw at the point where a tooth is missing. This bone loss usually continues over the years. Having a dental implant placed promptly prevents this bone loss.

Dental Implants Keep Neighboring Teeth Stable

We asked our friend, Dr. Matt Laurich, a dentist in Livonia, MI, about the advantages of dental implants. Dr. Laurich says, “The loss of a tooth doesn’t only end with that lost tooth. The neighboring teeth also get affected because the gap that is left exposes the remaining teeth to greater stresses while you eat or chew. Additionally, the neighboring teeth may move in order to reduce the gap that has been left. This shifting can distort the alignment of the remaining teeth, and your bite will be thrown out of whack (resulting in rapid tooth wear and other problems).” You may also feel headache and jaw pain once the nearby teeth shift after a gap is left when you lose a tooth. Prompt dental implant placement can prevent all these complications, Dr. Ben Kacos explains.

Dental Implants Reduce the Likelihood of Periodontal Disease

Dr. Kacos, Shreveport’s dentist, reveals that the gap left by a missing tooth can provide places for food particles to be trapped. Such food particles allow oral bacteria to multiply rapidly and you may start wondering why you easily develop gum disease despite all your efforts to maintain oral hygiene. Getting a dental implant can get rid of those gaps where food is trapped, so you will be less likely to suffer from gum disease.

Your Self Image Remains Intact

One of the unexpected consequences of tooth loss is that one’s self-confidence suffers. This is because you tend to be self-conscious about the gap in your mouth, so you may avoid smiling fully. Some dental restorations, such as removable dentures, don’t address this self-image issue since many people live in fear that the dentures will fall out as they speak or eat. Dental implants save you from such a loss of self-confidence because there is no risk that the tooth replacement will fall out and embarrass you.

Have more questions about dental implants? Contact Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA with all your concerns. He will help you to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of dental implants for your needs.

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