8 Ways to Speed Up Wisdom Teeth Recovery

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wisdom teeth recovery Dr. Ben KacosFor some people, wisdom tooth removal isn’t an optional procedure if their teeth are impacted and have caused dental health problems like persistent infections. For others, this procedure is optional as a way to prevent the anticipated dental problems that could result when wisdom teeth don’t grow properly. If an emergency dentist in Shreveport, LA has recommended that you undergo wisdom tooth removal surgery, use the following tips to speed up your recovery.

Plan Ahead Prior to Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

Talking to the dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos, about what you should expect during and after the surgery is very important. The endodontist in Shreveport will give you the guidelines that you need to follow during the recovery period. These guidelines include what you can do about the facial swelling and how to stem any bleeding at the surgical site.

Once you understand Dr. Ben Kacos’s recommendations for the recovery period, you will be better equipped to avoid the mistakes that can trigger post-op complications and delays to the healing process.

Take Time to Rest

If your life may ordinarily be hectic and full of activity, the post-surgery period isn’t the time to engage in exerting activities. In fact, it is wise for you to rest a lot with your head propped on a pillow or two and refrain from your regular workout routine at least for the first few days. Dr. Ben Kacos also recommends that you don’t lift any heavy objects because this could put pressure on the surgical site and trigger bleeding.

Pick Your Food Wisely

What you eat in the immediate aftermath of your surgery to remove wisdom teeth could aid or hinder a smooth recovery. Start by having liquid meals for the first 24 hours or so and gradually switch to soft foods in the coming days after the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

If in doubt about what you should eat, talk to a dentist in Shreveport, LA for advice rather than guessing and making a mistake that could prolong the recovery period.

Remember to Open Your Mouth

Many people report that their mouth feels stiff when they get out of surgery. This stiffness is normal and wears off gradually, according to Dr. Green, a dentist in Parker, CO.

However, you should take measures to aid this stiffness. While your first instinct after the wisdom tooth removal procedure may be to avoid opening your mouth because it feels so stiff, the best thing you can do to speed up the recovery process is to gently open and close your mouth and repeat this after short intervals, such as ten minutes. Otherwise, the stiffness could become permanent and compromise your dental or oral health.

Use a Salt Water Rinse

Dr. Ben Kacos strongly recommends that you pay particular attention to your oral health after a wisdom tooth is removed. This vigilance will protect you from developing an infection at the extraction site. However, you should avoid brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth in the first 24 hours after the surgical procedure. The next day, prepare a saltwater solution by taking a glass of warm water and adding a teaspoon of salt to it. Use this solution to gently rinse your mouth so that you don’t exert any pressure that could dislodge the clot at the surgical site. Only start brushing after the number of days recommended by Dr. Ben Kacos.

Control Any Bleeding

Shreveport’s dentist usually advises patients who have undergone wisdom tooth extraction to gently bite down on a piece of gauze placed at the surgical site. This gauze facilitates the formation of a clot inside the empty socket. If you notice that the bleeding hasn’t stopped like expected, contact Shreveport’s dentist immediately so that a remedy can be found.

Use an Ice Pack

Swelling and inflammation is a normal response after wisdom teeth removal. One way to deal with the discomfort accompanying this inflammation and swelling is by placing an ice pack as close to the surgical site as possible. In this case, you should place the ice pack outside the mouth, not inside.

Leave the ice pack on for only a few minutes and remove it for at least 15 minutes before repeating this process. Do this after the extraction surgery throughout the first day. 

Take Your Medication

Dr. Ben Kacos may prescribe some medication to deal with the pain. Take this medication as prescribed and don’t switch to another drug without informing Shreveport’s dentist. If any of the drugs you are given is a strong narcotic, do not drive or operate any machinery while you are on that medication.

You will recover fully within a few weeks if you follow everything Dr. Ben Kacos advises you to do after the wisdom tooth is extracted. If anything unexpected, such as pain, comes up during your recovery, contact Shreveport’s dentist immediately.

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