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Dr. Kacos grew up with a mouthful of problems, he spent tons of time being treated by dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists. In fact, Dr. Kacos went to college with braces on! Doc loved the way his clinical team interacted with him and the way they changed his life. He knew he wanted to be just like them. Ben graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 2011 and he believes that graduating gave him a license to learn. Doc considers himself super lucky to love what he does so much because it makes learning more and more fun for him.

Over the years Dr. Kacos has earned Fellowships and Masterships in prestigious dental implant organizations. He has also earned a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Kacos’ extensive experience and education led the director at the Colorado Surgical Institute to invite him to their faculty.

His favorite thing to do is IV sedation and he has tons of sedation education as you can imagine. Dr. Kacos’ education places him easily in the top 5% of all dentists in the country.

Dr. Kacos enjoys giving to his community and is constantly involved in organizations like Holy Angels, The Hub, local schools, Cub Scouts, the fire department, and Ducks Unlimited just to rattle off a few. One of his favorite charitable acts is his annual smile makeover giveaway. His 2020 giveaway had a value of $17,000.

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  • Rachael
    Rachael Hygiene Coordinator

    Racheal is our hygiene coordinator. Racheal has been in the dental game for years. She has core competency in nearly all aspects of the dental office. She happens to excel at answering phones and answering 10,000 questions per day. Racheal keeps the hygienist’s schedule running smoothly and efficiently. Racheal gets her goals accomplished quickly and will be doing much more for Shreveport Dental Solutions in the near future. She is easy to talk to and drama free.

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie Dental Hygienist

      Dr. Kacos feels so proud to have Stephanie on his team. He has watched her grow her skills and knowledge over the years and as you know that professional development really resonates with doc. Stephanie is a next-level hygienist that understands the real science of the mouth-body connection. Stephanie is rock solid and consistent and she has a passion for philanthropy. Stephanie is our hygiene team lead and after asking to become our philanthropy team leader doc had no choice but to happily oblige. Stephanie coordinates our many charitable endeavors throughout the year.

      • Nika

        Nika is our treatment coordinator. She knows our office inside and out. From insurance to post-op instructions. Nika has us all covered. Nika has the biggest smile in the office and she always leads by example. If any of us get out of line we know Nika will remind us of our core values. Her good humor and work ethic is a sight to behold.

        • Ligia
          Ligia Billing & Insurance Coordinator

          Ligia is our insurance specialist and she really takes her job seriously. You could not ask for a better insurance specialist. Ligia is detailed oriented and she loves learning more about insurance coding from many online communities and nationwide coding courses. Ligia is from Colombia and has an incredible life story filled with entrepreneurship, perseverance, and motherhood. Ligia has a factor five sweet tooth.

          • Laurie
            Laurie Unstoppable Force

            Laurie is Mrs. Dependable. Laurie never stops working until everything is done. Laurie is our support team she keeps the office running smoothly.

            • Mysti
              Mysti Dental Hygienist

              Mysti is our newest hygienist and she is making a splash. Mysti is getting tons of 5-star reviews and embracing our culture big time. Stephanie gave her this Month’s Kool-Aid award because she is “cool under pressure, helpful and super coachable”. Keep up the awesome job Mysti and Thank you we are grateful you joined our team.

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              When you visit Benjamin M. Kacos DMD, expect quality oral health services. Each member of our team shows total commitment to his /her work and patients. Our staff members do all they can to help foster long-lasting relationships built on trust and support with best in class customer service every time you visit. If you are looking for personalized patient care, state-of-the-art procedures and a devoted dental team to meet your needs, call us at (318) 869-2593. We are always ready to help maintain and enhance your smile.

              One of the leading principles of our office is the belief in giving back. Philanthropy is a big part of our every day routine. We embrace our corporate responsibility to give back to Shreveport and the non-profit organizations we have grown passionate about.

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              Our dental team in Shreveport comprises of highly skilled professionals. Not only are they talented, but our team members are also the best at making sure you are comfortable and well looked after when you visit our office. These individuals are expertly trained and have earned all the necessary certifications and licensing in their chosen field. We are also committed to continued education and provide the best, most effective treatments with modern dentistry. We regularly attend new training classes, dental lectures, and conventions. Thus, you can always expect the latest techniques, equipment, procedure, and products when you visit our office. You have nothing to fear!


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