Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

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Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever shied away from a group photo because you felt self-conscious about your smile? Then cosmetic dentistry might just be the answer for you! Whether tooth discoloration is the issue, or if it’s gaps in your teeth, then you should think of getting porcelain veneers. Our cosmetic dentistry Shreveport LA helps you figure out whether porcelain veneers are the right answer to your teeth problems.

Below, we introduce you to the various advantages of porcelain veneers, so that you can be well informed when seeking dental treatment.

1.They are Minimally Invasive

When compared to other dental restorations, like dental crowns, porcelain veneers have been found to be less intrusive. Your Shreveport LA cosmetic dentist will shave half a millimeter of the front surface of your teeth in order to make room for your veneers. This may sound like a lot so let’s put it in contrast. When getting dental crown repair Shreveport LA dentist will file your teeth until the crown fits on the whole tooth. On the other hand, porcelain veneers are attached only to your tooth’s front surface, where it’s visible to other people. As you can see, it isn’t so much, so there’s no need to worry. 

During the procedure for getting your veneers, you may or may not require any anesthesia. 

2. They Look Natural

These veneers are developed based on the impressions that your dentist takes of your teeth. This means that the color and contouring of the porcelain shell of your veneers will resemble the enamel of your teeth. 

Apart from looking natural, the veneers also feel natural. The ceramic covering obscures cracked or stained teeth, providing you with a protective shell, thus allowing you to talk and eat normally without feeling self-conscious. Alternatively, you could get your stained teeth cleaned or get our 71105 dentist to take a look at your cracked teeth and fix them right up for you. 

After your veneers have been created in the lab, your cosmetic dentist in Shreveport LA may make a few small adjustments by matching their color to your teeth enamel or cutting any excess material. That way, they are customized to fit over your teeth in a way that both feels and looks natural.

3. They are Easy to Maintain

There’s nothing new when it comes to taking care of your porcelain veneers. All you need to do is to take care of them as you would your teeth. However, to make sure that we’re on the same page, let’s go over the proper way to take care of your teeth.

Our friend and Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. Cody Boals, explains that you should brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day to reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and a pea-size amount of toothpaste. Brush your teeth in a gentle circular motion.  

Additionally, you should make sure that you schedule dental checkups with your dentist. This will help you retain the natural color shine in your veneers. That way, you can enjoy your healthy and beautiful smile for years. Because veneers are not porous, they are resistant to cavities and permanent stains, unlike your natural tooth enamel, making the maintenance minimal at best.

4. They Fix Cosmetic Dental Issues

Porcelain veneers can be used to fix various dental issues, such as:

  1. Discolored or stained teeth
  2. Misshapen, broken or chipped teeth
  3. Missing teeth
  4. Gaps between teeth

For any minute cosmetic dental issues, you should discuss with your dentist in Shreveport LA on whether you’re eligible for getting porcelain veneers. They can help boost your confidence by covering up any discolored teeth or closing gaps between your teeth.

5. They’re Stain Resistant and Durable

As mentioned above, porcelain veneers are resistant to stains. Additionally, they decay better, in comparison with natural teeth. If they’re taken care of properly, your veneers can last 10-15 years. So take proper care of them. This may include refraining from drinking too much coffee as it can eventually stain your veneers. Furthermore, you shouldn’t use your front teeth to bite down on hard foods and other substances like ice. This may chip your veneers if you aren’t careful.

If you’re interested in getting porcelain veneers or have any questions regarding them, feel free to call us on 318-745-7135. Dr. Ben Kacos is a licensed dentist who not only knows how to fix teeth but understands how important it is to have a good dentist and orthodontist, having spent a lot of time in their offices for his crooked teeth and poor bite when he was younger. 

He is therefore dedicated to improving the lives of his patients. Contact Shreveport’s Dentist today and let us restore your confidence in your smile, giving you that million-dollar smile!

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