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wisdom teeth removal - Shreveport's Dentist Dr. KacosThe Best Age to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, explains that there is no specific age at which wisdom teeth removal is recommended. Although, some factors make this process suitable within a given age bracket. 

18 and 24 Years of Age

Highly trained and experienced dentists, such as Dr. Ben Kacos, usually prefer to wait until two-thirds of the wisdom teeth roots are developed before an extraction procedure can be scheduled. This happens between the age of 18 and 24. Most wisdom tooth extractions happen when patients are in this age bracket.

Why the Recommended Lower Limit of 18?

This wait is based on two major factors. First, Shreveport, LA dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos says that patience is required because when the extraction is attempted too early (that is, before two-thirds of the root has developed), then it will be harder for the extraction tools to manipulate this tooth that isn’t yet sufficiently formed.

Secondly, not every wisdom tooth has to be extracted because some may develop normally and pose no risk of complications later in life says our friend and dentist in Sterling Heights, MI, Dr. Farhat. Waiting until someone is at least 18 years old gives Shreveport’s Dentist ample time to monitor the development of the wisdom teeth and then decide whether extraction is warranted or not.

Why a Recommended Ideal Upper Limit of 24?

An upper limit of 24 years of age is recommended. Four main issues can arise after this age:

  1.  The roots are fully developed and much harder to extract.
  2.  The chance of longer tooth roots being located near sensitive structures is much higher. This increases the risk that the nerves or blood vessels will be damaged during extraction procedures.
  3. The bone of people increases as they grow older. Higher bone density means more force will be needed to remove the teeth. This will increase the likelihood of nearby structures and tissues being negatively affected.
  4. The older a person is, the longer it takes their tissues to heal. As the healing time needed increases, so does the risk for postoperative complications, explains a leading endodontist in Shreveport, Dr. Ben Kacos. 

Age Isn’t a Contraindication for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There is no reason to think that your wisdom teeth shouldn’t be extracted just because you are younger or older than the ideal age bracket recommended. Wisdom teeth can be and have been extracted from people in different age groups. This service is available to all ages. The 18-24 window is not a requirement. It is simply a recommendation.

Shreveport’s Dentist team puts mechanisms in place to minimize the risk factors applicable to older or younger persons. For example, the procedure can be planned after selecting a technique that will prevent nerves from being damaged by the long root of your tooth while your wisdom tooth is extracted.

Possible Complications of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  1. Dry socket. Dry socket refers to a complication in which a blood clot fails to form at the site of the wisdom tooth extraction. This complication can occur for patients of any age but is higher for older adults.
  2. Root fracture. The root of the wisdom tooth can also fracture while it is being manipulated by the tooth extraction equipment. When this happens, the surrounding soft tissues are at risk of being affected by the fractured root. 
  3. Nerve damage. The nerves near the wisdom tooth’s root can be damaged by the tip of the root during the wisdom tooth extraction. However, current developments in dentistry, makes it possible to stay clear of such sensitive structures.  Older adults are at a higher risk of this complication since the roots of their wisdom teeth are longer.

Summing it up…

While there is an ideal time to extract wisdom teeth, Dr. Ben Kacos believes that each patient is different.  For this reason, Shreveport’s Dentist prefers to examine and monitor each patient. This allows them to base the wisdom tooth extraction on the individual’s specific needs.  If you still have your wisdom teeth, no matter your age, contact Shreveport, LA dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos. If you reside around Shreveport, he will conduct an assessment before advising you about your options.

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