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Best Implant Specialist in Shreveport, LA - Dr. Ben KacosDr. Ben Kacos, Best Implant Specialist in Shreveport, LA

While it’s certainly important that you have a trusting relationship with your dentist, you may not know that you can walk into any dental office and get the dental implants that you need. There are only a certain number of oral healthcare specialists that are recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as being qualified to surgically place dental implants. So how do you find the best dental implant specialist in Shreveport? Who is qualified to restore your smile with dental implants? 

Who is Qualified to Place my Dental Implants?

The ADA recognizes periodontists, prosthodontists, along with oral and maxillofacial surgeons as being qualified to place dental implants. Certainly, dentists can undergo training that will furnish them with a certification that states that they can place dental implants. Our good friend and Parker, CO dentist, Dr. Green, agrees that our dental school training is typically not as in-depth or as lengthy as what periodontists and surgeons undergo. That’s not to say that your dentist didn’t receive sufficient training and a solid understanding about the procedure surrounding dental implants. It means, however, that those who are recognized by the ADA have undergone extensive continued education in order to become certified and recognized by the ADA.

In fact, oral and maxillofacial surgeons undergo four years of additional training after they complete dental school. They also undergo a full year of anesthesia training. Periodontists and prosthodontists also go through a three-year surgical training program once they complete dental school.

Dr. Kacos, your Shreveport dentist, has undergone the right types of training and certification so that he is not only qualified to set your dental implants, but he is up-to-date on all of the latest technological advancements that will ensure you of only the best in results. 

When it comes to surgical procedures, and dental implants are surgically implanted, it is best to work with an oral healthcare professional who specializes rather than a dental professional who performs the procedure as just one of their many offered dental services.

Dental Implant Training

Would you see just a mediocre cosmetic dentist Shreveport’s quick online searches pop up first? Or would you rather work with a cosmetic dentist with experience providing top-notch cosmetic solutions? Someone who has gone the extra mile to get the additional training needed. 

So how do you find out if they are the best?

There are some great questions that you can ask prior to making your appointment.

  • Where did the specialist attend dental school? 
  • How much additional and specialized training have they receive?
  • What kind of continuing education do they participate in?
  • Will treatments and procedures be well explained?
  • If help is needed after hours, is there a plan in place?
  • Will the total out of pocket costs be explained in detail upfront?

When it comes to your oral health and your beautiful new smile, it’s best to put your smile in the hands of a qualified oral healthcare professional, like Dr. Kacos. Dr. Kacos recently received his MIOCI Status, which is his Mastership status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. What does this mean for you? This means that Dr. Kacos has the knowledge and the experience to help you get the perfect smile that you deserve.

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