Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

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Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

celebrate tooth fairy dayThe tooth fairy is a huge part of so many of our childhoods. Many of us will never forget the joy of waking up and finding some coins or dollars underneath our pillows after finally losing that tooth! Our 71105 dentist explains that this upcoming Sunday on August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day. Interestingly, there are two national holidays for the tooth fairy, one also being in February. Regardless, our team at Shreveport Dental Solutions loves to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day. Today on the blog, Shreveport Dental Solutions is discussing how to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day.

The Start of the Tooth Fairy

Let’s start with the basics. How did the tooth fairy start? In order to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day, it’s important to note how this idea came out.

As follows, the tooth fairy actually started in an attempt to get children to take better care of their teeth. As many parents can relate, it isn’t always easy to get your little ones to brush their teeth. In addition, losing your teeth can seem really scary to kids. Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, explains that the tooth fairy was also created to get kids excited about their teeth falling out.

The First Publication of the Tooth Fairy

Importantly, the term “Tooth Fairy” was first mentioned in print in a 1908 story in the Chicago Tribune. Lillian Brown, the author of this essay offered new parents a tip to assist them to persuade their children to get their loose baby teeth removed. That proposal was a “tooth fairy,” who would give them a little gift of 5 cents beneath their pillow for each tooth they lost. After this, many other publications, plays, and movies started using the Tooth Fairy, and it became a sensation. Have you seen the latest movie about the Tooth Fairy with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? If not, check it out with your little ones this Sunday!

Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy For The Tooth Fairy

Everyone knows that the tooth fairy will not pay as much for decaying teeth! It is still critical to see a pediatric dentist on a frequent basis to ensure that your child’s oral development remains on track when they lose their baby teeth. Our dentist Shreveport recommends that you first take your child to see a dentist when they are one year old or six months after their first tooth erupts. Either way, it’s essential to instill healthy dental practices at a young age.

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

So, how will you celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day with your little ones? We worked with our friends over at Gentle Dental Group, Bethlehem GA dentist, to come up with a few ideas to celebrate:

  • Create a tooth-holder box for your children to put their baby teeth that goes under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy.
  • Watch “The Tooth Fairy” with a healthy, tooth-friendly snack.
  • Have a discussion with your little one about the importance of dental health. As follows, brush your teeth together with the whole family and explain why the Tooth Fairy likes healthy teeth.

We hope you all have a wonderful National Tooth Fairy Day! Contact Shreveport Dental Solutions today for general dentistry for your family.

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