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oral health month - Shreveport LAOral Health Month with Shreveport’s Dentist

In honor of Oral Health Month this June, we wanted to share some things that Dr. Kacos does to maximize his own oral health. Oftentimes, people dread going to the dentist because they don’t want to get lectured about their oral health or find out something has gone wrong. We completely understand that the dental office is not everyone’s favorite place to be. So, we interviewed the best dentist in Shreveport, LA, about his relationship with oral health in hopes that it motivates you to improve your oral hygiene. 

Kacos’ Journey

When Dr. Kacos was younger, he had an incredible orthodontist. Around a young age, Dr. Kacos became fascinated with the dental industry. He thought very highly of the job and made it his mission to become a dentist one day. Ironically, Dr. Kacos needed a lot of dental work as a kid, which made his dream of becoming a dentist even stronger. 

Now that Dr. Kacos is a well-respected endodontist in Shreveport, LA, he feels incredibly knowledgeable about oral health. 

His Medicine Cabinet

You may be surprised when opening up Dr. Kacos’ medicine cabinet. He likes to keep it very simple! Some of the oral health products you’ll find include:

  • A simple, non-electric toothbrush
  • Crest Total Care toothpaste
  • Glide floss

Dr. Kacos says, “I love the simplicity of a regular toothbrush, and I’ve never been one to own an expensive, electric one. I am a loyal Crest Total Care toothpaste fan, and my absolute favorite dental product of all time would be Glide floss.” His friend Dr. Kristina Neda, an emergency dentist in Georgetown, KY, actually prefers to have her electric toothbrush! Either way, properly brushing your teeth is absolutely necessary for good oral health! 

Dr. Kacos believes that flossing is the most essential part of your oral health routine. After brushing, he loves to see what he can catch with the floss – it is truly amazing what your toothbrush will leave behind. He says, “this makes it so essential to keep up with your daily flossing – I promise you, it’s worth it!”

Oral Health Advice to Patients

It can be hard to break bad habits after years and years of going through the motions. If you are interested in optimizing your dental health, Dr. Kacos recommends starting today! Once you work good dental hygiene into your daily routine, it will start to become a habit. 

Dr. Kacos says, “My advice to any patient looking to advance their oral health would be to brush first thing every morning. Now, this sounds pretty simple. However, I have so many patients tell me that they will eat breakfast or drink their coffee before even brushing their teeth. Oftentimes, they said it is because of the flavor of the toothpaste interfering with their coffee or food. I totally understand this thought-process, but it is, unfortunately, not the best way to ensure good oral health.”

Dr. Kacos urges you to brush your teeth when you wake up. This is because you immediately get rid of any bacteria that have built up in your mouth overnight. The amount of saliva you produce while you sleep is an incredibly small amount. Dr. Kacos says that this often dries your mouth, and the bacteria can eat away at your enamel! Brushing your teeth in the morning should be as routine as checking your phone. His advice to patients is to make this a habit. 

Common Myths About Oral Health

Patients often come to Dr. Kacos about oral health myths. One of the most popular myths Dr. Kacos gets is that teeth are genetic. Meaning, if your mother or father has bad teeth, so will you. False. Though genetics do play a role in your overall health, it is a small percentage. Your oral health is entirely in your own hands. Lifestyle, dental hygiene practice, and dental visits will affect your oral health. Your choices determine if these effects are positive or negative! 

If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, contact Shreveport’s dentist Dr. Ben Kacos. Our team is always happy to help! 

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