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Dental Advice for the Holidays Shreveport LAHoliday Dental Tips

The Christmas season is here, and we want to wish all of our patients a good holiday season. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, or Festivus, we want you to be safe and have fun with your family. Read below about dental advice for the holidays from our Invisalign Shreveport dentist. 

12 Dental Tips for the Holidays

Here are 12 days of Christmas dental suggestions from Dr. Kacos, emergency dentist in Shreveport LA, to help keep your smile white and healthy throughout the hectic and party-filled season.

#1 Watch out for candy canes.

Hard candy, such as candy canes and peppermints, is delectable and easily accessible over the holidays, but it can fracture your teeth if you bite down incorrectly and require some form of cosmetic dentistry Shreveport. To avoid chipping or other damage, it’s best to let sweets dissolve – but be careful to brush completely after eating any sort of candy.

#2 Stay away from soda.

Soda is abundant at holiday gatherings, and this sweet beverage is never healthy for your teeth. Dark soda can stain teeth which may result in the need for teeth whitening Shreveport. Instead of soda, try fizzy water if you want something bubbly. If you must drink soda, sip it via a straw to protect the acid from damaging your teeth. 

#3 Keep an eye on the wine

If you like a good red, keep in mind that it might discolor your teeth. Our Shreveport dentist explains that white wine poses less of a threat to your pearly whites. If you must drink red, do it with food to reduce the amount of red that lands on your teeth. If you’re going to wear reds, make sure you brush them properly.

#4 Obtain more turkey

Turkey is one-holiday cuisine that is good for your tummy. It’s high in phosphorus and protein, which may help your body fight tooth decay and maintain your teeth healthy and strong.

#5 Make sure your stockings are full

Christmas stockings are sometimes stuffed with sugary goodies that might induce cavities in your children. Instead, try avoiding sweets completely or limiting yourself to one sweet treat. Consider including a snazzy new toothbrush in their holiday gift basket.

#6 Garnish with vegetables

Skip the tray of Christmas cookies and brownies at holiday gatherings and instead load your plate with vegetables. Broccoli and carrots are excellent dental treats because they are high in Vitamin A, which helps to build your enamel.

#7 Indulge in a cheesy snack

Dr. O’Grady, Denver Highlands Dentist, states that if you’re consuming alcoholic beverages during a party, choose cheese as a snack. The pH balancing properties assist to balance the acid found in alcoholic drinks, and the calcium is beneficial to your dental health.

#8 Carol while brushing

Brushing your teeth for two minutes is recommended, so if you sing a few verses and choruses of your favorite Christmas song while brushing, you’ll likely brush long enough to clean your teeth and gums (be sure to brush your tongue too).

#9 Never use your teeth as a tool

Packages to open, tape to wrap gifts, and a slew of other items you may be tempted to break open or cut with your teeth are all part of the Christmas season. It’s not a good idea! Chips and breakage may result from using your teeth as a tool.

#10 Eat a lot of fruit

Instead of overindulging in sweet treats over your holiday dinner, go for fruit. If you’re hosting a large dinner or party, instead of making many cakes and pies, focus on one sweet dessert plus a large fruit dish to satisfy your sweet craving.

#11 Skip the graze

During the holidays, we often leave food spread out all day. Grazing for long periods of time might put your teeth in danger of decay. Instead of leaving snacks out all day, simply leave food out during mealtimes and then put it away.

#12 Make the holiday special

Our holiday gatherings are often centered on food, but this isn’t healthy for your teeth or your waistline. Set up activities like board and card games, art projects or movie marathons to divert attention away from the food and follow these dental tips for the holidays.

Our whole staff wishes you a safe, happy, and healthy Christmas season, and we eagerly anticipate seeing your bright grin in the New Year. Be sure to contact our office over the holidays should you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes for the holidays!

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