Dental Implant Before and Afters

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Dental Implant Before and Afters

dental-implant-before-and-afters-shreveport-laYour smile makes a huge first impression on others. Teeth are one of the first things that people notice about each other. Whether you have gaps, holes in your teeth, broken teeth, or other dental problems, you might be unable to be the best version of yourself.

If you are missing any or some of your teeth, a dental implant may be the solution for you.  If you live in the Lousiana area, you are in luck as Dr. Ben Kacos is one of the area’s leading dental implant specialists in Shreveport.

As a result, there are many reasons to have dental implants, so we’ve highlighted the five most important ways that implants will improve your life. Check out the dental implant before and after photos below of Shreveport residents.

1. Dental implants are identical to natural teeth.

Dental implants Shreveport are the closest thing to natural teeth. They are metal posts that are surgically inserted under your gums in your jaw. Your 71105 dentist would then be able to apply new teeth to them for a more attractive look. When implants bond to your jawbone, they provide more secure protection for artificial teeth that look and function similarly to your natural teeth. Implants prevent your replacement teeth from moving or falling in your mouth during normal tasks including chewing, drinking, and chatting. The improved match looks more seamless than conventional bridges and dentures alone.


2. Dental implants have more support.

Because of past problems such as sores, rough ridges, or gagging possibilities, traditional dentures and bridges aren’t convenient or even feasible for many people. As follows, bridges often necessitate the inclusion of other teeth on either side to cover the gap left by missing teeth, while dental implants do not necessitate the grinding down of adjacent teeth to fit your replacement teeth. This is why dental implants are an increasingly popular restorative option all around. Our friends over at ThoroughDent Smiles, specialists of dental implants in Georgetown KY, have found that more and more patients with missing teeth are opting for dental implants. This is due to their functionality and supportive tendencies.

one dental implant

3. Dental implants have a longer-term alternative.

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants do not get loose and slip out. Loose dentures and bridges can be both uncomfortable and humiliating. Traditional, tooth-supported bridges last for around five or seven years. However, dental implants, while requiring periodic modifications, are intended to last a lifetime, making them a more cost-effective, long-term solution.

4. Dental implants help you maintain optimal oral health.

Dental implants also protect bone and oral health. If you have cracks between your teeth, you are vulnerable to bone deterioration and degeneration because there is no tooth to protect it. Dental implants will potentially help to restore the mouth’s health by not only maintaining but also promoting natural bone formation.


5. Dental implants help you regain your self-esteem.

Consider how it would be if you didn’t have to think about your teeth. Dental implants give you a safe, natural appearance that keeps the form of your face and smile. No one would be able to distinguish between dental implants and natural teeth. You just don’t have to be concerned with dentures falling out or bridges being loose when going about your everyday activities.

Dr. Ben Kacos will help you determine whether you require dental implants with a thorough consultation. Our team will check your teeth for general oral health and test your jaw and bone density. We will be able to determine the best dental implant plan for you! Contact Shreveport Dental Solutions today.

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