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dental myths - dentist in shreveportEven after years of treating patients, Dr. Ben Kacos is often surprised to hear some of the dental myths that are floating around. Some of the same myths tend to make the rounds, despite there being plenty of scientific data to the contrary. Our team has assembled some of the most common dental myths that we hear from our patients daily. 

Dental Myth 1: It’s okay to drink soda if it’s diet soda.

Many believe that drinking diet soda is a healthier alternative to drinking regular soda. Diet soda can be argued as the better option for your health. However, diet sodas are still incredibly acidic and harmful to your oral health. The acid found in diet soda can destroy the enamel of our teeth. Other acidic drinks, like orange juice, can lead to the same issues for your tooth enamel. The best choice is to stick with water, vegetable juices, and milk.

Dental Myth 2: Baby teeth are not important

Baby teeth are often forgotten about, especially for those under two years old. The truth is those baby teeth have an essential role to play in the overall health of your mouth. They help to pave the way for permanent teeth to align correctly beneath the gums so that they can grow properly. Baby teeth are just as prone to developing cavities as adult teeth are. If they are not taken care of, cavities can ultimately result in tooth loss much sooner than would otherwise be natural. This can lead to a gap in the smile, which can also ultimately result in misaligned teeth.

It is very important to ensure that children’s teeth are as healthy as can be and that those important oral hygiene routines are starting early on in life. There are good odds that if a child doesn’t take the time to brush his or her teeth when they are young, they won’t do it when they are adults. Establishing those healthy habits early can go a long way towards ensuring healthy adult habits.

Children often have fears about visiting the dentist. The good news about Dr. Ben Kacos offers sedation dentistry in Shreveport. Parents will learn is that there is a solution to help even the littlest of patients feel at ease.

Dental Myth #3: I don’t need to see my dentist if my teeth don’t hurt.

When it comes to dental issues, patients will quite often wait until they feel pain. By then, it’s often too late to reverse the problem on your own. The longer that you wait to seek out treatment, you may find that you are facing extensive restorative dentistry like root canal therapy.

Even if you don’t have any pain, your issues could be asymptomatic, while infection still takes hold. Visiting your Shreveport dentist twice a year for a routine checkup and cleaning can help to identify any concerns in their early stages. The longer that it takes for cavities and other damage to be treated, the less likely it’ll be possible to save the tooth. Don’t wait until you absolutely need to see your emergency dentist in Shreveport, Dr. Kacos.

Dental Myth #4: Oral health doesn’t impact the rest of my body.

The reality is that our entire body works together. Your oral health is definitely connected to your overall health, and there are a number of connections seen between your body and your mouth. Those who have serious tooth decay and gum disease are at a much higher risk of having the bacteria enter into their bloodstream. This can lead to increased risks for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Dental Myth #5: Flossing can lead to gaps between teeth.

This myth is one that constantly battles! Rest assured, flossing does not result in gaps between the teeth. In fact, flossing can help to prevent decay from becoming an issue between your teeth. When you are flossing, you are removing food debris that is around your teeth and your gums. There may be some bleeding from the gums once you start to establish a flossing routine. However, it tends to decrease after a steady routine of flossing. If there is still bleeding with flossing, you may have concerns with gum disease. Dr. Kacos will be able to determine whether or not you have pockets of gum disease during a routine visit to the office.


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