Dental Tips For a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving

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Dental Tips For a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving

Dental Tips For a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Shreveport LAAs Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important to prepare both the food and your smile for the occasion. The delicacies, snacks, and desserts that litter the kitchen table are hazardous to your smile, so do everything you can to safeguard it while eating and enjoying your favorite foods. However, it’s essential to implement dental tips for a tooth-friendly Thanksgiving. 

Tips For A Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving

At Shreveport Dental Solutions, our Shreveport dentist team is all about helping our patients maintain optimal oral health at all times of the year. Below, Dr. Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA shares some of the things we recommend.

Get Plenty of Water

If you drink plenty of water throughout the day, your smile will be rinsed frequently. Thus, any loose food particles will be flushed away. Drinking water will also help you battle cavities by preventing plaque buildup and increasing saliva flow. Water is also the healthiest beverage available, so drink plenty of it throughout the day to keep your smile and entire body healthy.

Reduce Sticky Foods

The sticky foods that blanket the table are more harmful to your teeth than you may realize. Sticky foods like cranberry sauce, pecan pie, mashed potatoes, and other sweets stick to your teeth, creating an environment where bacteria can thrive and harm your gums and tooth enamel. Our Implant dentist Shreveport recommends avoiding eating these meals at the same time. If you do decide to eat these items, make sure to brush and floss your teeth afterward. Also, always well as rinse your mouth with water.

Flossing and Brushing

Brush and floss your teeth at least 30 minutes after you eat. We understand you may spend Thanksgiving with your family, so bring a compact pocket toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss with you wherever you go. Brushing and flossing will help you remove food particles from your smile. As follows, brushing and flossing are especially necessary if you eat sticky, sugary meals.

Make an Appointment for a Dental Cleaning

Our friends over at Park Hills Family Dentistry, Lexington KY dentist, recommend that their patients get a dental cleaning after Thanksgiving if they can.  This session helps clear your smile of the food particles and bacteria that have accumulated on your teeth and are causing damage. It will also nourish and strengthen your smile, as well as treat any dental problems that may have arisen during the holidays.

Contact Shreveport Dental Solutions Today

If you do the above things this holiday season, your smile will stay in great shape. We also encourage that you share this information with your family and friends so that they can protect their smiles.  If you have any questions or would want to learn more, please contact our Shreveport dental office right away!

We hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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