Dental Tips for Valentine’s Day

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Dental Tips for Valentine’s Day - Shreveport's dentist Dr. Ben Kacos

Dental Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Dr. Kacos, Shreveport’s dentist, would like to share some dental care tips that will ensure that this special day goes without any oral health mishaps. Read on and discover some of the key Valentine’s Day dental care tips your dentist in Shreveport, LA recommends.

Combat Bad Breath

Just about everyone agrees that one major turn off on Valentine’s Day is bad breath. The causes of bad breath can be what you eat (garlic and onions, for example) or improper oral care habits. For instance, a person who rarely brushes his or her teeth is more likely to have bad breath when compared to another individual who brushes at least twice each day.

Dr. Kacos recommends that you use a tongue scraper alongside a gel so that you can get rid of the oral bacteria residing on your tongue. The scraper saves you from injuring your tongue as you try to clean it using a normal toothbrush. Consult a dentist in Shreveport, LA for advice on which gel to buy if you aren’t sure about the most appropriate product on the market.

Go Slow on Wine and Tobacco

People often indulge in taking fine wine and using various tobacco products (for those who delight in a nicotine hit) on Valentine’s Day. However, it isn’t advisable to consume wine and tobacco products if you would like your smile to be at its best on Valentine’s. Tobacco and wine will stain your teeth, and you will end up being self-conscious before your significant other on this special day.

Get Professional Cleanings Done

There’s no better way to get ready for Valentine’s Day other than by getting your teeth checked and cleaned by Dr. Ben Kacos and his team. Shreveport’s dentist will address any dental issues found so that you can enjoy Valentine’s without any fear that dental issues will spoil your day. Another idea that you can consider for this Valentine’s is by scheduling dental cleanings with your significant other so that both of you are given a clean bill of dental health as you get ready for this special day.

Mind Your Sweet Tooth

This is a tough one for most people, but any dentist in Shreveport, LA will tell you that the number one way to ruin your teeth is by consuming heavy sugars and sweets. It is therefore advisable for you to go slow on all the heart-shaped delicacies that characterize Valentine’s Day if you would like your breath to smell fresh and your teeth to stay healthy. We asked our friend, Dr. Taher Dhoon, a dentist in Greeley, CO, about his recommendations. Dr. Dhoon recommends that you eat vegetables or rinse your mouth with water after eating sweets and other sugary treats on this special day. The vegetables will counteract the effect of the acids left in your mouth, and the water will wash away any lingering bacteria. If vegetables and water aren’t readily available, sugar-free gum is the perfect alternative to remove the sugary particles left in your teeth.

Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

Are you looking for a way to have a sparkling clean mouth for Valentine’s Day? Shreveport’s dentist recommends that you get an electric toothbrush. This device is increasing in popularity for a reason, it cleans your teeth more thoroughly than a regular manual toothbrush can. It can also make a unique Valentine’s gift to preserve the perfect smile of your loved one!

Get Help from Your Dentist in Shreveport

All the oral hygiene activities you perform, such as brushing and flossing, may not be sufficient to keep your teeth healthy and your smile perfect. That’s why you need Dr. Kacos and his team of Shreveport’s dentists on your side so that they can take care of the issues that cannot be addressed by just brushing and flossing. In this way, you will preserve your smile for decades without suffering any preventable oral health problem.

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