Dentures Aftercare Instructions

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Denture Aftercare Instructions- Dr. Ben KacosDentures Aftercare Instructions

Missing teeth can leave you embarrassed to smile in public. Thankfully, there are solutions. Dentures can help you replace missing teeth and help regain the confidence to smile whenever you want. These are prosthetic devices that are made specifically for your mouth, to fit and replace missing teeth. You have the option of getting partial dentures, which cover a couple of missing teeth or full dentures, which cover either the upper and/or lower part with all missing teeth. 

Once you get dentures, you do need to take special care of them. We spoke to Dr. Kacos, a cosmetic dentist in Shreveport, LA about taking care of dentures and he gave the following tips. 

Immediate Care for Dentures

Once the dentist places the dentures in your mouth, you want to make sure that they remain in place for 48 hours. This will help the gums get used to them and also keep the dentures intact properly. During this time, make sure you do not smoke. You will feel some pain or discomfort and your dentist will give you guidelines of what to do. Most patients will be told to take ibuprofen, 3 x 200 mg, and acetaminophen, 2 x 500 mg, at the same time every 6 hours. You may experience swelling on your face for which you can use ice for relief. You can ice the swollen part for about 20 minutes and then give it rest. Repeat, if you feel the need. There will be some bleeding so don’t be alarmed, bleeding usually lasts for 2-3 days. Our friend and Eldorado Hills, CA orthodontist explains

The Day After the Surgery

You will feel some discomfort in your gums. Our friends at Digital Doc, a company that sells dental technology products, explains they are adapting to the dentures, but make sure not to remove them. Instead, to help with discomfort, you can rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Take a cup of water and add a teaspoon of salt in it. Rinse your mouth when you feel a little discomfort and it should help soothe your gums.

Two Days After Surgery

After the 48 hours, you can remove the dentures from your mouth. You want to take care of them as you would your actual teeth. So take them out and clean them with a denture brush twice a day. With the dentures out, rinse your mouth with warm water. You can come into Shreveport’s Dentist for the first time you remove the dentures so we can ensure the gums are healthy and adapting to it. 

The First Week

You want to control your diet a little here, limit soft drinks, alcohol, and make sure you eat food that is soft in nature. Try not to have hard candies as well as anything that requires a lot of chewing and effort. You should sleep with the dentures in for the whole week unless otherwise specified by your dentist. Once the week is up, you will leave your dentures out at night and soak them in water throughout the night. Make sure not to drink any liquid through a straw during this time and for another week. 

With time, your gums may start to shrink which would result in the dentures not fitting properly. If that happens, you can visit your dentist and they will re-fit the dentures. This is usually not required until 6 months after the dentures, if even then. Be sure to consult your dentist and keep them informed of how the dentures are working out and if any complications occur. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about dentures,  Contact Dr. Kacos.

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