Finding a Sedation Dentist in Shreveport

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Finding a sedation dentist in shreveport

Finding a Sedation Dentist in Shreveport

You may need to find a sedation dentist in Shreveport if your dental anxiety has been keeping you from the dentist. But how will you know that you have selected a dentist who can practice sedation dentistry safely? Read on and discover the key considerations that should guide your decision-making process as you narrow down your options of sedation dentists in Shreveport.

Proximity to Your Home/Office

Sedation dentistry can be mild, moderate or deep (IV sedation). It’s highly advisable to have someone with you in case you undergo moderate or deep sedation. It helps if the dentist’s office is close to your home or office. The family member or friend accompanying you won’t also lose a lot of time in the commute.

Education and Experience

You should also look into the education and experience of the sedation dentists in Shreveport before you select one for your procedure. The dentist should be board-certified and should have undergone additional training in sedation dentistry. Experience counts, so select a sedation dentist like Dr. Ben Kacos who has handled a broad spectrum of patients who needed varying levels of sedation while undergoing dental treatment.

That experience comes in handy when your medical history and general health condition is being evaluated in order to determine the most appropriate kind of sedation for you. An experienced sedation dentist will also know what to do in case anything unexpected, such as an adverse reaction, occurs while you are sedated.

Range of Services Offered

Our friend Dr. Dhoon, a sedation dentist in Greeley, CO agrees that one of the key benefits of sedation dentistry is that it allows several or complex dental procedures to be addressed/completed during one dental visit. However, he says you may lose that opportunity if you select a sedation dentist who only offers a limited range of services and refers you elsewhere for other procedures.

Make sure you confirm that the dentist in Shreveport can perform all the dental work that you need before you make an appointment for sedation dentistry. In this way, you will save time and money if everything is done in one place.


A dentist may have all the training in the world but steer away from dentists with a bad reputation. How can you know the reputation of the sedation dentist in Shreveport? Ask family and friends about that particular dentist. Go online and read the reviews about that dental office and the sedation dentist in particular. Ask to talk to current and previous patients before you make an appointment for your procedure. Don’t hesitate to go out of your way and see a dentist like Dr. Kacos. He’s earned a stellar reputation throughout his many years of providing excellent service to the patients in Shreveport. If you can’t see Dr. Kacos, you can always ask for other recommendations. 

In-Office Monitoring Equipment

Sedation dentists usually take the precaution of using monitoring equipment when a patient is undergoing sedation dentistry regardless of the degree to which the individual has been sedated. The monitoring equipment may include oxygen equipment, a pulse oximeter (to monitor your pulse) and sedation reversal agents in case an adverse reaction is detected. Ask the sedation dentist to tell you about the monitoring equipment.

Still have questions about sedation dentistry? Contact a sedation dentist in Shreveport like Dr. Ben Kacos and all your concerns will be addressed. Dr. Kacos even offers free oral sedation to all who qualify for it and he has affordable IV sedation in case your condition requires such a service. So, don’t let dental anxiety stand in the way of getting the care that your oral health requires.

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