Helping kids with their fear of the dentist

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What to do when your child is afraid of the Dentist

Most people do not remember when they discovered they had dental phobia. Many of them claim that they’ve had it for as long as they can remember — meaning, from the time of early childhood. However, what is really mind-boggling is how a lot of children who’ve had no prior experience with the dentist are instantly dealing with kid’s dental fear.

There are various probable reasons. The first one is hearing the accounts of other people about going to the dentist. Adults tend to talk very openly about their dental experiences, the young ones hear and retain the information. If you’re a parent and you’ve spoken openly about a less than ideal experience with the dentist (such as the pains of tooth extraction), you can be sure that it could leave an imprint on the minds of your kids.

A second reason is how TV and movies negatively depict dentists. “Finding Nemo” definitely wasn’t good for the image of dentists. No child would want to be treated by a dentist that gives fish as a present to a careless child like Darla (remember the kid with braces who happened to be the dentist’s favorite niece?). Or a dentist who’s stone-faced and disapproving, like Willy Wonka’s father in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

If you’re a parent and you want to do something about your child’s fear of the dentists, there are ways to do so. Gathered below are some tips that can assist with kid’s dental fear.

Talk about kid’s about their fear of the dentist

It’s good for your child to express his fear and the reasoning behind it. You, the adult, can then provide logical explanations to help your child better understand the feeling and how to deal with it.

Bring a Few Distractions

Consider buying toys that can acquaint your child with how dentists work as well as the treatments dentists provide. Brands like Play-Doh and Lego make toys geared towards kids oral health care. Consider allowing your child to bring these toys to their appointment.

Stop In Just To Meet The Team

Prior to the dental appointment, bring your child to the dentist’s office so he can see that it’s a friendly place and that the dentist is not a scary person. It’s good for your child to become familiar with the office and see that his dentist is actually a nice person. Dr. Kacos is a fantastic family dentist

Calm is contagious

Kids can sense when their parents are nervous about something. Make sure that you’re the “rock” they need when venturing into an unfamiliar experience such as getting treated by the dentist. Sometimes a little extra hug and pep talk is just what the dentist ordered.

Make the day fun

If possible include in the day’s plans some activities that your child can enjoy such as a quick trip to get a smoothie on the way home or an extra 15 minutes at the local playground or a movie date.

Use these tips and you’ll turn trips to your Shreveport dentist into positive experiences for your kid.

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