Learning to Live With Dentures

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dentures in shreveport la - learning to live with dentures

It can be hard to adjust to removable partial or full dentures at first. In order to get used to these important restorations quickly, follow the recommendations below explained by Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA.

Keep the Dentures Moist

Natural teeth will crack or fracture if they are left to dry out, and that is why it is advisable to keep a tooth that has been knocked out moist until you can see an emergency dentist in Shreveport. In the same way, your new dentures need to be kept moist at all times when they are not in your mouth.

Dr. Ben Kacos, therefore, recommends that you put your dentures in a bowl of water or a denture-cleaning solution so that the plastic doesn’t dry out and crack. Failure to do this will mean you have to be fitted for new dentures once the set you have dries and either deforms or cracks.

Practice Speaking As Often As You Can

People who get their dentures discover soon enough that they speak with a lisp in the first few months. Shreveport’s dentist explains that everyone adjusts differently. The more you practice, the sooner you will get used to the dentures and start speaking normally. 

Wear Them the First 24 Hours

You need all the help that you can get to get used to having dentures in your mouth. For this reason, Shreveport’s dentist may recommend that you wear your new dentures for 24 hours straight once you get them. This will go a long way towards making your oral structures used to the devices.

Note that you can only wear them for 24 hours when you first started. Afterward, remove them before you go to sleep so that your gums can have some time to rest and recover.

Initially Go for Softer Foods

Take it slow when you start eating with your new set of dentures. Sticky or chewy foods will be harder for you to eat since your mouth, tongue, and other oral organs are still struggling to get accustomed to the new devices. Softer foods, such as eggs and noodles, are safer options to start with. Gradually switch to your normal diet as you get more comfortable having the dentures in your mouth.

Keep the Dentures Clean

It is also wise to get detailed instructions from your local dentist in Shreveport, LA about how to keep your dentures clean. The first thing you should avoid doing is to brush the dentures using toothpaste. We asked our friend, Dr. Chris Green, a dentist in Parker, CO, to explain proper denture care. Dr. Green explains that false teeth are made from plastic to keep their weight minimal. This material cannot withstand the abrasive effect of toothpaste in the same way that natural teeth can, so it is best to use a cleaning solution formulated for dentures. Just like natural teeth, dentures should also be brushed twice a day to prevent bad breath and plaque. While at it, don’t forget to clean your gums as well since having dentures doesn’t protect you from developing gum disease and other dental health problems. 

Visit Shreveport’s Dentist Regularly

It is important that you continue to see a dentist in Shreveport, LA, for all your scheduled visits and anytime you have a concern with your dentures. Of special importance are the planned visits when your dentures will be adjusted in the first six months and another time as you make a year with those dentures. These adjustments are necessary because your gums will be changing rather quickly within this time, and the dentures could become loose in your mouth if Dr. Ben Kacos doesn’t adjust them for fit.

Shreveport’s dentist is committed to helping you on your way to rediscovering your smile once you decide to get a set of dentures. If you have lost several teeth and you are wondering whether dentures are right for you, contact Dr. Ben Kacos, and he will assess your suitability for partial or full dentures.

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