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Shreveport's dentist Meal prep mondays - Dr. KacosAt Shreveport’s Dentist, we’re all about making our patients happy. Customer satisfaction always begins with team culture. Our values, attitudes, and beliefs set the atmosphere in the dental office as well as our dental services. We want our patients to have the best experience possible. In our office, we think of our patients and our team members as family. We pride ourselves in building relationships with one another. One thing that has brought us together is Shreveport’s Dentist Meal Prep Mondays! Our girl, Madison Lonadier, has taken on the task of creating our team healthy meals! They’re delicious, and it saves us time and money. Since we’re so grateful to have Madison on our team, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about her and her responsibilities at our dental office in Shreveport, LA. 

About Madison

Madison has worked for Dr. Ben Kacos for a year and a half. Although she’s his personal assistant, she does a little bit of everything. From arranging flowers for the office to helping sterilize the equipment to fixing computer issues that come up. 

When Madison isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband Benjamin and her sweet little boy (also) named Benjamin. Her son is about to turn one. Fun fact: her brother is a Benjamin too! So, Madison is surrounded by Benjamins. Madison also enjoys arranging flowers. She says she’s lucky to have Dr. Kacos as a boss because he lets her practice arranging flowers every week. 

Before she started working with Dr. Kacos, she worked for a meal prep company. Madison also has a culinary degree. She worked for a catering company for roughly four years. Although it was a challenging job, Madison really enjoyed seeing weddings on the weekends. When Madison first started working with Dr. Kacos, he wanted her to cook dinner and vacuum seal the meals and put the meals in the freezer for easy healthy workday lunches. That’s when he came up with the idea of providing healthy dinner options for our team. We know that healthier team members make for a healthier workplace!

Shreveport’s Dentist Meal Prep Monday

Madison typically provides meals on the healthier side, but she also makes meals that are appealing to kids. She gets a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. Madison usually provides 3-4 meal prep options. She makes sure that her meals will work for everyone, which isn’t hard since everyone loves to try new things! 

When meal prepping, Madison prepares about 65 portions each week. She cooks out of her home and brings the meals to the office. Each week’s price per meal changes depending on the menu and how many portions are ordered. Prices are typically running about $3.20 per meal. Super cheap! When you think about how much it cost when you go out to dinner, you can’t get kids meals for $3.50! So, Madison’s meals can feed a family of 4 for $14. As you can see, the meals are very affordable, and they don’t take long to make! Madison starts meal prep at 7:30 am and typically ends around 1 pm. 

Madison really enjoys meal prepping for our team. She says that she’s heard from several of them that the meals have saved them so many times when trying to get back into the groove of school and other activities. Madison believes that meal preps make for a healthier and happier workday when you don’t have to worry about going home to cook dinner. 


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