New Patient Dental Exam

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New patients visit our office with varying amounts of trepidation, not knowing what to expect and often feeling a little out of place. That is why we take so much care with our new patient dental exams. Most patients know these comprehensive evaluations as routine check-ups. Not only are they the most important part of preventative dental health care, but also present a chance for Dr. Ben Kacos to get to know his new patients and vice versa. Your health is our primary concern and we want to do everything we can to help you achieve a strong, bright smile. It all starts by contacting us for your new patient dental exam.

This comprehensive evaluation is a way for Dr. Kacos to evaluate your dental health and also earn your trust and build a solid, lasting relationship. The main purpose of a comprehensive exam is to gather and analyze detailed information about your oral health. With this information Dr. Kacos and his team determine the current status of your oral health and diagnose any current problems. The exam also is a way for Dr. Kacos to open a dialogue about your oral health and get to know you, your lifestyle and how you feel about your smile.

General Process of Comprehensive Dental Exam

Step 1. Dr. Kacos will want to review your medical and dental history to provide a foundation for any treatments you might need. He will also ask if you have any current concerns or symptoms.

Step 2. Dr. Kacos checks your face and neck to visually identify any abnormalities like swelling, bumps or lumps.

Step 3. He examines inside the mouth checking the soft tissues and palate for sores or abnormalities like ulcers, blisters or discoloration. Dr. Kacos will examine the tongue, gums, cheeks and roof of mouth for signs of oral cancer or other disease.

Step 4. He observe over the jaw joint and bite, moving your jaw in various positions, watching for evidence of TMJ disorders, teeth grinding or malocclusion. Let him know if you feel any tenderness or tension so he and his team can make note.

Step 5. Dr. Kacos then evaluates your teeth looking for calculus (tartar), cavities and fractures that may need treatment. He will chart any dental defects you have and so he plan appropriate restorations.

Step 6. After the physical exam, Dr. Kacos takes X-rays for accurate diagnosis of issues not visible to the naked eye such as bone loss or fractures. These initial images also provide a benchmark for the dentist to refer to in future.

Other Topics Discussed During New Patient Exam

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  • Current medications
  • Tobacco use
  • Bruxism (clenching and grinding)
  • Halitosis
  • Maxillofacial trauma
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental anxiety

Just a note, the new patient exams may not follow the exact process every time, and semi-annual examinations may not need to be as comprehensive once a dental history has been established.

Why do I need a new patient dental exam?

Many patients come to our dental office believing they already know all they need to about their dental health or what procedures they need based on any pain or discomfort or lack thereof. What they often fail to understand is how deeply connected their oral health is to their overall health. Modern research has made this link more apparent than ever. With the new patient exam and routine dental visits thereafter, we can work together to ensure your oral health. Dr. Kacos can provide tips to help you care for your teeth and treat minor problems before they become a major concern.

Choosing Dr. Kacos for New Patient Exams

Every member of our dental staff is trained, skilled and experienced. You can trust us to provide unmatched dental care to suit your unique needs. Our new patient exams are thorough, accurate and follow clinical protocol.

As a new patient, we want you to come back for routine exams and dental care and also refer our office to your neighbors and friends. We want to establish a relationship of trust and provide individualized treatments based on careful diagnosis.

Contact us today at (318) 869-2593 and set up a convenient time for your new patient exam.

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