New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Oral Hygiene

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New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Oral HygieneAs the New Year begins, we all start to think about the resolutions that we want to make. Some may focus on their health and fitness, while others may opt to make resolutions about personal relationships. Now is the perfect time for you to think about New Year’s resolutions that can help you improve oral hygiene, and the overall positive health of your mouth.

Dr. Ben Kacos, a compassionate family and emergency dentist Shreveport patients love, always encourages healthy oral hygiene habits to keep patients’ mouths as healthy as is possible. Here are our five favorite ways to boost oral hygiene.

Scheduling Your Appointment with Your Dentist

If you have neglected to keep up with your 6-month checkups, you are not alone. An estimated third of Americans don’t see their dentists even once a year. The reasons for not making that appointment can be unique to each individual. Whether out of fear of what they might hear after an exam or due to a fear of dentists as a whole, it’s still important to make those appointments. Remember that Dr. Kacos can offer sedation dentistry Shreveport patients will find helpful. There are a number of options in sedation dentistry. Each option is designed to provide relief from the anxiety and fear that can surround a visit to the dentist.

Remember to Floss

Just brushing your teeth after every meal is not sufficient enough to protect your teeth from a plaque buildup. Food debris can accumulate between your teeth and should be removed to keep decay away. Floss sticks are easy to keep on hand in the office or on the go, so you’ll be able to save your teeth free from those bits of food that could otherwise lead plaque to run wild.

Reduce your Sugar Intake

This resolution can go hand-in-hand with your weight loss goals if you have any. Studies have confirmed that there is a direct link between your sugar intake and your likelihood of developing tooth decay. By reducing your sugar intake, you’ll be able to reduce your risks of tooth decay. Simply cut back on sugary drinks by opting for sugar-free flavored seltzer water. Choose sugar-free gum and candy too. There are several ways to reduce your sugar intake, and they are sure to help you see a significant improvement in your oral health and even potentially on your waistline.

Stop Smoking

Many people aim to quit smoking in the New Year. Beyond helping improve your overall health, there are oral health benefits seen when you quit smoking. Smoking can double your risk for developing gum disease, and of course, several other health concerns. Dr. Green, a dentist in Parker CO, adds that there are many products on the market that can help you control the cravings that accompany smoking cessation, including sugar-free gums and candies.

The sooner you make your New Year’s resolutions, the more likely you will be to keep up with them. Be sure to ask family and friends to join and support you in improving oral hygiene. You may inspire others to do the same!

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