Oral Hygiene for Pregnant Women

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oral hygiene for pregnant women - Shrevpeorts dentist Dr. KacosStudies show that over 60% of pregnant women have gingivitis during the early stages of their pregnancy. Aggravated and inflamed gums are often due to the increase in hormones. During this time, it is vital for these women to stay on top of their oral health. In this article, Shreveport’s dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos shares some suggestions on oral hygiene for pregnant women.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

Pregnant women may be more susceptible to getting cavities due to their new eating habits. As you may know, pregnant women tend to consume more food because they’re eating for two. Therefore, adopting a healthy diet during pregnancy is very beneficial for the mother and the baby. Choosing to take whole foods and saying no to processed sugars will help fight against tooth decay at a time when your gums are weak. To top that, a balanced diet will help your baby’s tooth development in the utero as tooth development under the gums begins in the second trimester of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Gingivitis

When a woman is pregnant, her body will release hormones that will increase her blood flow. This allows the woman to develop a healthy placenta and provide the essential nutrients to the baby using her blood supply. But it also allows more blood to flow into the gums which can be a problem as it can result in gum irritation and swelling. To make problems worse, the swelling can lead to pregnancy gingivitis. The best way to find out the symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis is to stay on top of your oral hygiene and schedule regular checkups with your Shreveport dentist. 

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