Pulling Your Tooth versus Saving It

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Pulling Your Tooth versus Saving ItIf you have an infected or damaged tooth, you may think the easiest option is to simply pull the tooth and turn to dental implants. You may feel even more inclined if the tooth is responsible for significant pain. While dental implants can offer are a very good option to consider, pulling the tooth doesn’t necessarily always need to be the go-to option.

There are a number of benefits of saving the natural tooth, even if needing treatment to restore it to good health. Ultimately it’s your decision as to whether you opt for a tooth extraction or restoration. Your dentist can help you make the best decision. In this article, Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, explains pulling your tooth versus saving it.

Benefits of Saving Your Tooth 

What are the benefits of taking steps to save a tooth that is in distress? Dr. Kacos will always have focus on providing patients with the solution that is in their best interests. 

Natural teeth are actually much stronger and offer better functionality than prosthetics, or crowns. Your natural teeth will prove to be more durable and easier to care for. While today’s dental prosthetics are made to last, they simply won’t have the same strength compared to your natural teeth.

When a tooth is extracted, it leaves behind a gap. While that gap can ultimately be filled with a bridge or implant, it will not take long before your healthy teeth on either side of the gap start to shift into this new available space. Shifting teeth can result in issues with bite alignment and damage to the teeth as they take over the gap. Even if the goals are to ultimately opt for implants, the longer that space remains empty, the more movement is possible.

Gaps in smiles can impact your self-confidence. It could be several weeks or months before the prosthetic option is possible. Patients often find that they are reluctant to laugh or smile due to embarrassment over how their teeth look.

Considering the Costs

While it may be much cheaper to pull a tooth than it will be to repair the tooth, the reality is that the ultimate replacement of the tooth will cost more and take much longer to deal with. You may need to spend more time in the dental office and more time getting prepped for your replacement choice.

You’ll find that there are options to help you afford the treatment on the tooth, especially when you combine financing options with the coverage that your dental insurance may provide.

Options for Saving a Tooth

There are a number of compelling reasons for you to keep your natural teeth in place for as long as possible. But if a tooth is infected or damaged, it can present a few problems. The good news is that when it comes to a root canal, Shreveport dentist Dr. Kacos can use the treatment to remove the decay and damage and restore functionality to the tooth.

The root canal procedure disinfects the interior of the tooth and fills it with a material that strengthens the tooth. The tooth may also be restored with a crown, which will allow it to function as it did prior to the infection. Root canal treatment gets a bad reputation, but the truth is that the procedure doesn’t take much time at all and you won’t feel anything during the procedure. At most, you’ll feel a bit of tenderness for a few hours after the procedure.

Pulling Your Tooth

It is generally preferable to save a tooth versus pulling it. However, there are some occasions where extracting is the better choice. If the tooth is badly cracked, especially if the crack is located below the gum line, an extraction may be the better option. A tooth that is also too weak as the result of extensive decay may be better extracted.

If the tooth is causing significant pain, reach out to your emergency dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos. When it comes to anxiety and nerves about the procedure, an option is sedation dentistry, which Shreveport patients will benefit from.

If the tooth is extracted, our Shreveport dentist can offer options for tooth replacements. When it comes to dentures, Shreveport patients may not be entirely enthused about the option. However, there are some really great technological advances that surprisingly look natural and realistic.

If you are in need of emergency dental treatment or want to resolve a concern with a tooth, call to make an appointment with your Shreveport’s dentist.

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