Root Canal Awareness Week

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Celebrating Root Canal Awareness Week

Root Canal Awareness Week Shreveport LAShreveport Dental Solutions is celebrating National Root Canal Awareness Week! At Shreveport Dental Solutions, it is our mission to educate people about dental health practices to enhance their overall health and lives.

Below, Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA, covers important information that patients should know about root canals. As follows, read on to educate yourself this National Root Canal Awareness Week.

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

The root canal is the hollow portion of a tooth’s root that contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues, equivalent to a pencil lead flowing across the middle of a pencil. Thus, it gives your teeth blood, feeling, and touch.

What Exactly is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal surgery entails drilling out the decayed tooth from the crown of the tooth. This goes all the way down to the dentin. Then, the contaminated or inflamed pulp is extracted from both the tooth and the root.   However, if the tooth requires additional reinforcement, a post can be inserted into the emptied root, and the filling material packed around it. After, the crown is either restored or replaced by a porcelain crown. At our practice, we offer root canal therapy and emergency root canal Shreveport services.

The aim of root canal treatment is to save the normal tooth instead of removing it. Patients should be mindful, however, that often a tooth cannot be saved by root canal treatment. This is due to the level of rotting or fracture, explains our friend Dr. Boals, a dentist in Colorado Springs.

Is a root canal procedure painful?

Root canals are sometimes used as the punch line of a joke, typically to illustrate how unpleasant the treatment is. However, root canals are practically painless when performed by a professionally qualified endodontist in Shreveport such as Dr. Ben Kacos, who employs advanced anesthetics and procedures.

Remove Your Anxiety

The prospect of getting dental work done can be overwhelming for most people. In reality, according to a recent AAE survey, 56% of respondents said root canal treatments made them anxious. However, the positive news is that root canal procedures play a vital role in maintaining tooth health. Thus, it can be performed in a painless and simple manner. Dr. Ben Kacos is a specialist in all things root canals, making him the perfect choice for your root canal procedures.

Why see an Endodontist for Root Canal Treatment?

Patients should have peace of mind that they are providing the highest-quality care. Thus, by seeing a licensed endodontist for Shreveport root canal procedures, they can ensure they are getting quality care. Our friends over at Green Dental Care, root canal Parker CO specialists, agree that endodontists are a wonderful option to ensure optimal care. Endodontists play a significant collaborative part in the dental team and can provide special skills to help a general dentist manage and care about a patient’s optimal dental wellbeing.

Don’t put off dental diagnosis and recovery any longer! The consequences of leaving an infected tooth root untreated are not worth it. We can provide nearly pain-free care. Contact Dr. Ben Kacos today to schedule your evaluation and root canal treatment today.



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