Signs You Need a Root Canal

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Signs You Need a Root Canal - Shreveport's Dentist Dr. Ben Kacos

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Root canals are probably the most unpleasant experience that you could go through at the dentist. Every single one of us dreads the day that his\her dentist says, “I’m afraid you need a root canal.” This is because root canals take quite a bit of time, and are associated with a bit of discomfort, as well as being quite pricy. However, you’ll have the option of anesthesia and sedation dentistry to reduce anxiety and pain.  

In cases where the nerve (or pulp) of the tooth becomes so inflamed that no other means of therapy would resolve that inflammation, root canals become inevitable. Also, when there are signs of infection such as swelling or pus formation, it means that the pulp has died and its remnants have begun to become infected. In that case, a root canal is needed quite urgently.

Dr. Kacos, your local dentist in Shreveport, LA, demonstrates a few signs and symptoms that you need a root canal:

#1 Sign You Need a Root Canal – Pain

Of course not all kinds of pain would need a root canal. Pain that is persistent, prolonged and not easily relieved even with painkillers means that the inflammation of the pulp has reached the irreversible stage. Ultimately, it needs to be removed, the root canals cleaned and filled.

#2 Sign You Need a Root Canal – Sensitivity

Again not all sensitivity would indicate the need for a root canal. Some cases of sensitivity are simply because you need a fluoride treatment, or wearing or chipping of your teeth. However, severe lingering sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks can indicate a more severe pulp inflammation. To fix this sensitivity, a root canal treatment is needed.

#3 Sign You Need a Root Canal – Deep Decay

We asked our friend Dr. Farhat, a dentist in Sterling Heights, MI about symptoms of root canal treatment. Dr. Farhat says, “Many people who lack proper oral hygiene will need a root canal. If you look at your teeth and find a large cavity or a gaping hole, it definitely needs a filling. Whether it needs a standard filling or root canal all comes down to the amount of decay present. If that decay reaches the pulp, then the entire pulp needs to be removed, cleaned and filled through a root canal procedure.”

#4 Sign You Need a Root Canal – Discoloration

When the crown of your tooth turns black or greyish, that is a definite sign of the death of the pulp. Death of the pulp could occur due to trauma or deep-seated decay. Death of the pulp means for sure that an infection will follow, which means that cleaning and filling of the canals are urgently needed.

#5 Sign You Need a Root Canal – Swelling

Swelling occurs when the infection goes without treatment. The pus and fluid build-up under the tooth, causes an infection around the tooth, in the gums or even the entire face. This is a dangerous phase that should be taken seriously. A root canal treatment is needed to stop the swelling and relieve the pain.

#6 Sign You Need a Root Canal – Pus

If you feel a bad, salty taste in your mouth, this means that the pus from the infection has begun oozing. Believe it or not, this is actually a good sign, since the infection has begun to relieve itself. However, that pus causes an incredibly bad taste, gagging sensation, and could cause nausea. Pus is a sure sign of infection, and the tooth needs to be cleaned ASAP.

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