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Smile Virtual Consultations - Dr. Ben Kacos Benefits of Smile Virtual Consultations

Shreveport’s Dentist is proud to announce that they are now offering Smile Virtual. This is a platform through which we can perform virtual cosmetic dentistry consultations with our clients. With this service, you are able to avoid making a trip to see Dr. Kacos for your first consultation. Instead, Dr. Ben Kacos will send you a customized video outlining the different cosmetic dentistry procedures which could address your needs. Only then can you schedule an in-office appointment to discuss the details of your procedure. Read on and learn more about our Smile Virtual consultations and their key benefits.

Smile Virtual Consultation in 3 Easy Steps

1. Submit your photos. First, you need to register on the Smile Virtual platform by filling out the registration form. Dr. Ben Kacos then recommends that you provide as much detail as you can regarding what is bothering you about your smile. If you suspect that you may be having periodontal disease or any other defect, let our team at Shreveport’s Dentist know. The final task is to take about five photos of your smile following the guidelines provided by the platform and submit the form and photos to us.

2. Receive a video from us. Once we receive your photos and form, Dr. Ben Kacos will review your information and photos, and then record a customized video indicating the different procedures that could help to remedy your concerns.

3. Book an in-office appointment. Once you have watched the video sent to you by the best dentist in Shreveport LA and you are ready to move ahead, contact our office and book an in-office appointment so that further discussions and scheduling of your procedure can be done. It’s that simple!

Benefits of Smile Virtual Consultations

  • Easy access to your dentist in Shreveport LA. Smile Virtual consultations make it easy for you to consult your dentist from the comfort of your home or office, says Dr. Beth Herko, dentist in New Providence, NJ who uses Smile Virtual.
  • Reduced risk of exposure to illnesses. The Coronavirus outbreak has made it painfully apparent how easy it is to be exposed to infectious pathogens while we go about our daily activities. Having a Smile Virtual consultation with Dr. Ben Kacos reduces that risk.
  • Reduced wait time. No one wants to sit around waiting for their appointment, and our Smile Virtual consultations allow you to get all the preliminary information specific to your concerns virtually. Thereafter, you can schedule an appointment and see Dr. Ben Kacos without going through a lengthy wait time.
  • You get assessed for urgent or emergency care. Another huge benefit of having a Smile Virtual consultation with the best cosmetic dentist in Shreveport LA is that it is easy to get assessed on whether you need urgent or emergency dental care for a pre-existing dental condition. This condition can come to light when Dr. Kacos reviews your photos as well as the information provided on your registration form.
  • We can refer you to an appropriate specialist. The virtual consultation that you have with your cosmetic dentist in Shreveport LA gives us a chance to save you from having to make a futile trip to a general dentist when you need the help of a specialist. For example, your complaint may be better handled by an orthodontist or periodontist, and we can refer you to one of those trusted specialists in our network. This saves you from having to select a reputable specialist on your own.

Our Smile Virtual consultations in Shreveport LA allow you to interact with an experienced cosmetic dentist so that you are sure that when you pay Dr. Kacos a visit, you will get the treatment that you need. Try our virtual smile consultations today!

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