Reasons for Choosing Sedation Dentistry

Reasons for Choosing Sedation Dentistry

Some Shreveport LA dentists use sedation to ease dental treatment for a variety of reasons, and Dr. Ben Kacos is one of them! Sedation dentistry ranges from the use of nitrous oxide, in which patients are awake and able to respond but are in a deep state of relaxation, to general anesthetics used to give patients full sleep. Procedures such as fillings, bridges, crowns, extractions, root canals and cosmetic procedures often require some kind of sedation. It’s a very common dentistry method, and there are many reasons for choosing sedation dentistry

Reduces Anxiety in Dental Visits

According to the American Dental Association, it is estimated that 9 to 20 percent of Americans do not go to the dentist because of fear and anxiety. This may be because of a bad dental experience in their past. No matter what, there is no age limit for dental anxiety. It affects both children and adults.  This can be very serious if it prevents getting needed treatments. Sedation dentistry reduces this anxiety, making it much easier for patients.

Decreases any Pain or Discomfort You May Feel

Many extensive dental procedures require some kind of sedation to help patients feel little to no pain. For some people, even a routine checkup that does not require sedation can be a source of discomfort that they want to avoid completely. For people with low pain tolerance, sedation dentistry helps to remove any reluctance that you may have. The dentist will put you in a deep state of relaxation where you can still respond and be aware of what’s going on around you, but you won’t feel it! 

Helps you to Overcome Certain Sensitivities

You may not mind any discomfort, but you do have certain sensitivities that make your appointment not only difficult for you, but for the dentist. For example, some people may have a strong gag reflex that prevents the professional from sticking the necessary tools in his or her mouth explains sleep dentist St. Petersburg, Dr. Brian Leeson. You may also experience nausea when you encounter the smells of the dentist’s office. No matter how sensitive you are to touch or smell, sedation dentistry can put you in a state of euphoria that helps you overcome them.

Assistance During Long Procedures

Certain dental procedures are complex and may require multiple visits. However, sometimes a dentist can get a job done in a couple of longer visits. Sedation dentistry is helpful in long-term procedures! Being sedated will relax your muscles, or even make you sleep through a long process, making hours look like minutes.

In addition, sometimes it doesn’t matter how long the process takes. The patient may simply not be able to sit for a longer period of time. Sedation dentistry can help those individuals by calming down their restlessness enough to allow the dentist to complete the procedure.

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If you have any of these reasons, please contact us. Our Shreveport LA sedation dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos can help you have a more relaxed experience! 

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Benefits of Dental Bridges

benefits of dental bridges - Dr. ben KacosWith new challenges, come new solutions. Technology has solved a lot of problems, including dental problems. If you’ve lost a tooth or more, dental bridges are the perfect option for you. You can recover the smile that went away with your missing tooth. Most of the time, they look and sound like your natural teeth. Restoring your smile is just one of the benefits of dental bridges.

Dental bridges are an important part of modern dentistry. People have also been using dental bridges since the beginning of dental implants. It consists of two or more crowns set on the abutment teeth. Your dentist positions these crowns on either side of the gap produced by the missing teeth. When you visit Dr.Ben Kacos, you could get the best and most properly fitted dental bridges in Shreveport, LA.

Dental bridges offer a range of benefits and advantages. Shreveport, LA dentists urge patients to weigh the different benefits of using dental bridges before choosing them. Here is a list of some of the different advantages associated with the use of dental bridges:

Tiny and Lightweight 

Dental bridges are convenient to use. Since they are tiny and light, they offer excellent comfort when chatting, chewing, and eating. 


When you use dental bridges, no chewing force is passed on the gums. The chewing mechanism rests only on the teeth, which is why chewing with dental bridges is more comfortable.

Easy Maintenance

Dental bridges are favored by many due to the ease of maintenance associated with them. After having them for a while, the person with dental bridges becomes used to them. Since these are permanently attached to the abutment teeth, they do not need to be removed periodically for cleaning purposes. They could be quickly washed by brushing and flossing.

Enhances Speech and Pronunciation

Dental Bridges strengthens your natural speech and improves your eating and chewing skills. Dental bridges cover the holes between your teeth, which could help you talk without inhibition, explains Dr. Jordan Smith, Georgetown KY dentist.

Maintains Facial Structure 

Dental bridges hold the jaws and bones in place. A gap is formed when you lose a tooth or more. This difference could lead to a change in the location of the other teeth. Dental bridges keep the teeth securely on either side of the gap. This helps to preserve a natural facial structure.

Restores Smile

As tooth loss has a significant impact on aesthetics, replacing the missing tooth or teeth becomes highly necessary. Dental bridges take proper care of the functioning of the aesthetic. Porcelain or Zirconia dental bridges are usually recommended by 71105 dentists for the restoration of aesthetics. These bridges will always save you from any kind of shame associated with your missing teeth and restore your bright smile.

Straightforward Treatment

You will only need a few appointments. Although most removable dentures take at least 4 appointments to complete and set up, dental bridges do not need more than 2 appointments. Only after two sessions with your dentist would you be ready with your new dental bridges.

Long-Term Dental Solutions

Dentist design dental bridges in such a way that they have long-term protection and stability. You don’t need to see the dentist on a daily basis. It has a decent life span and a good prognosis.

Fights Tooth Loss 

Dental bridges not only serve as a substitute for your missing tooth but also help you avoid any more problems that could occur after you have lost your tooth or teeth. It helps prevent the migration of teeth by filling gaps created between teeth. Teeth migration, if not stopped by dental bridges, may lead to the disruption of many essential oral procedures.
If you’re thinking about which dentist near me will have the best dental bridges, Dr. Ben Kacos, a 71105 dentist is the best place to visit. Contact our dental office today to learn more about our restorative dentistry services.