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Teeth Whitening benefits - Dr. KacosYour beautiful smile is quite often one of the very first things that anyone will notice about you. Perfectly straight white teeth were once exclusively for the wealthy and the famous, but that is definitely not the case today. With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, Shreveport patients can now benefit from the same technology. Teeth whitening in Shreveport is now available at an affordable price!

Dr. Ben Kacos recommends his patients keep up with their routine examinations and dental cleanings to keep their teeth and mouth healthy. Additionally, he suggests visiting his dental office in Shreveport, LA, for a teeth whitening consultation.  

Just what are the benefits of teeth whitening? According to a survey completed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a huge majority of adults hold the belief that a flawless smile can make a person much more interesting to others around them. Almost 80% of adults hold the belief that an unattractive smile can hurt their career. Let’s take a look at teeth whitening and some of the benefits of whitening your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options

There are a number of options for teeth whitening. Over-the-counter options from your pharmacist or grocery store are certainly a popular option. However, they are not as safe or reliable for your teeth. Dr. Leeson, a cosmetic dentist in St. Pete, advises you to steer clear from these types of teeth whitening products. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures cannot be whitened as your natural teeth can.

Dr. Kacos offers in-office and take-home teeth whitening for his Shreveport patients. The take-home kits have a custom tray designed to fit your teeth. All you have to do is add the whitening gel that will safely whiten your teeth. In-office teeth whitening solutions are also a popular choice and can get you to see results within a fairly short period of time.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular options for cosmetic dentistry Shreveport patients can benefit from. 

Teeth Whitening Benefit #1 – A boost in Self-Confidence

Feeling confident about the way that you look will be evident when you see a boost in your self-confidence. Whether you’re in the office or out with your special someone, your bright and fresh smile will simply look good and make you feel good.

Teeth Whitening Benefit #2 – Teeth Whitening will Enhance Your Appearance

Even healthy teeth and a straight smile are not immune to the teeth discoloration. Tooth discoloration usually comes from the food and drinks you enjoy. Coffee, tea, dark fruits, and even wine can lead to stains on our teeth. Dr. Kacos recommends avoiding or reducing the consumption of these types of foods or drinks. If your teeth are already stained, consult with your Shreveport dentist to learn about a smile makeover

Teeth Whitening Benefit #3 – Teeth Whitening Can Make You Look Younger

Cheaper than other cosmetic solutions, teeth whitening can turn back the years after just a few sessions. Not only are bright and white smiles associated with youth, but people will be too busy looking at your beautiful smile to focus on any wrinkles or frown lines. Keep in mind that whitening should only be done on healthy teeth. If you need fillings or are in need of an endodontist in Shreveport, be sure to complete these procedures first.

Teeth Whitening Benefit #4 – Teeth Whitening is Affordable

When compared to other types of cosmetic procedures, both dental and other teeth, whitening falls amongst the most budget-friendly. In-office treatments can be on the higher end of the whitening spectrum, but an at-home touch-up kit can help to extend the bright and white results of your whitening procedure.

Teeth Whitening Benefit #5 – Teeth Whitening Can Improve Oral Health

When your teeth look good and feel good, you are more inclined to keep them that way. With increased brushing and flossing will come an improvement in your overall oral health. Beyond that, your in-office treatments are your dentist’s opportunity to take a quick look at the overall health of your teeth, which is an excellent opportunity to spot small issues in their early stages.

Teeth Whitening Benefit #6 – Teeth Whitening Can Be Done Even with Some Types of Braces

Many patients ask if they’re allowed to get their teeth whitened while undergoing orthodontic treatment. When it comes to braces like Invisalign Shreveport dentist, Dr. Kacos wants to let patients know that they can still do their whitening treatments while getting their teeth straightened. This is not always the case with traditional braces, however.

Are you ready to whiten your teeth? Whether you’re looking for cosmetic procedures or looking for an emergency dentist, Shreveport’s Dentist, Dr. Kacos, will help to keep you smiling. Those who are nervous about a dental visit will find that the options for sleep dentistry Shreveport dentist Dr. Kacos can offer will help to put them at ease.

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