The Pros and Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

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The Pros and Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

It may be hard for some people to decide whether it would be wise for them to upgrade to electric toothbrushes or not. Some people may find it easier to make the right decision if they get more information about the benefits and potential pitfalls of electric toothbrushes. This article discusses some of the pros and cons of electric toothbrushes. Use this information to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of these devices for your oral hygiene needs.

The Pros of Electric Toothbrushes

  • Electric Toothbrushes Increase Your Focus

Some people brush mindlessly and end up not doing as thorough of a job as they should. Dr. Kacos, Shreveport’s dentist, explains that an electric toothbrush helps you pay attention to what you are doing. This is because you have to move it toothbrush to a different section of your mouth after a designated duration. You’ll notice a more effective brush and an even healthier smile.

  • They Are More Effective

We asked our friend, Dr. Fahat, a dentist in Sterling Heights, MI, to share some benefits of electric toothbrushes. Dr. Farhat says, “Electric toothbrushes are more effective. Some electric toothbrushes move the heads as many as 31,000 times each minute. These motions move the bristles rapidly across the surface of your teeth. As they do so, more plaque is removed from the surfaces touched.” This is unlike the traditional toothbrushes that move as few or as many times as the effort invested by the user.

  • Ideal for Those With Limited Mobility

Electric toothbrushes are an ideal choice for people who have some form of physical limitation making it hard for them to brush effectively with manual toothbrushes. Dentists in Shreveport, LA, routinely recommend these toothbrushes to people who suffer from developmental disabilities, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The electric toothbrush does the bulk of the work, so the person will not need to exert himself or herself as they brush their teeth.

  • They Ease Timing Issues

Shreveport dentists recommend that you brush the teeth in a given quadrant of your mouth for at least 30 seconds before moving to another quadrant. However, not many people will be meticulous in brushing for this long. Electric toothbrushes automate this process by the use of a built-in timer. You simply keep the toothbrush in one place until the timer indicates that it is time for you to move the electric device to another part of your mouth.

  • They Are Fun for Kids

Some parents find it hard to get their kids interested in brushing their teeth at least twice a day. For such parents, the purchase of electric toothbrushes for their kids may just tip the scale. Kids are naturally curious, so many will find using an electric toothbrush fun and your battles to get that kid to brush will come to an end.

The Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

  • Electric Toothbrushes Are Expensive

The biggest drawback of electric toothbrushes is their upfront cost. For example, while a manual toothbrush will cost less than a dollar, a disposable electric toothbrush will cost at least $5, and that cost doesn’t include the batteries that go with the toothbrush. Reusable electric toothbrushes may range from $15 to the high-end versions that cost approximately $250. Replacement heads also don’t come cheap, and a pack may set you back by about $10 to $45.

  • Electric Toothbrushes Aren’t Readily Available

Electric toothbrushes and their accessories, such as replacement heads, aren’t as readily available as manual toothbrushes are. You can therefore easily end up being frustrated when you visit a convenience store and find that the model they have in stock isn’t compatible with what you have. Dr. Kacos, Shreveport’s dentist, fears that such supply issues may cause some people to be less vigilant in maintaining oral hygiene, especially when they travel.

  • The Vibrations Bother Some People

Dentists in Shreveport have also received some reports that the vibration of electric toothbrushes bothers some people. Consequently, those affected people may not look forward to brushing as much as they would if the devices weren’t bothersome to that degree.

There, you now know the major pros and cons of electric toothbrushes. However, it would still be wise for you to talk to Dr. Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA before you switch to electric toothbrushes. The dentist will recommend the most appropriate type (ultrasonic, sonic, ionic, or rotary electric toothbrushes) for your needs.

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