The True Cause of Receding Gums

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The True Cause of Receding Gums

If you go online and search for the cause of receding gums, you will get different results. Some sources will say that gum recession occurs due to vigorous tooth brushing while others may say that it is an offshoot of gum disease.

But what is the true cause of gum recession?

In order to better answer that question, it is important to have a basic idea about gum tissue. The gum tissue is simply a layer of skin which covers the upper and lower jaw.

And as long the jaw bone is intact, the gum tissue will remain strong and in a normal position.

Quite simply, gum recession happens because the underlying bone structure has withdrawn.

How does this happen?

The withdrawal occurs due to demineralization. The jaw bone can become demineralized and remineralize.

There are four common causes of jaw demineralization. These are periodontal or advanced gum disease, trauma, bruxism or clenching of teeth, and genetics.

Now, jaw demineralization does not happen in a single instance. On the contrary, it happens over time. The jawbone may start to become demineralized due to these different causes, but overall, the bone remains intact. And even if the jawbone undergoes demineralization, it can remineralize if the overall structure is still intact and the underlying cause is addressed promptly.

Now, when this underlying structure also becomes demineralized, the gum tissue loses its support structure. Although this does not lead directly to gum recession, the gum tissue can become more likely to recede.

Fortunately, gum recession can be stopped. And the first step toward that is identifying and addressing the underlying cause of jaw demineralization.

If you have gum disease, it does not necessarily mean that the bacteria responsible for your condition is also directly responsible for your gum recession. The truth is that it is your body, your immune system in particular, which is responsible for your receding gums.

In its attempt to eliminate the bacteria, your immune system can also destroy bone tissue through inflammation. And as the infection caused by the gum disease persists and worsens, the chronic inflammation affecting your jawbone also worsens.

If the cause of your gum recession is bruxism, you have to solve your underlying sleep problems, including chronic fatigue and sleep apnea. Left unchecked, bruxism can literally break down your jaws.

Finally, gum recession due to trauma can be avoided by using the right tooth and gum protection for the activity that you are engaged in. Call us today if you are experiencing gum recession!

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