Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

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top things to consider when choosing a dentist - Shreveport LAAt Shreveport’s Dentist, we understand that it isn’t easy choosing a new family dentist. If, for whatever reason, like maybe moving to a new area, you have to pick a new dental office. For you and your family, we have compiled this brief guide to make the process of choosing the best dentist easier. We have done this because we believe in our mission of striving to provide the best patient experience in Louisiana while at the same time delivering the dental care that we can be proud of. Here are the top ten things that we recommend you consider when choosing a dentist in Shreveport.

What Is Their Reputation?

The reputation, whether online or offline, is one of the most important factors you should consider when picking a dentist. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk to colleagues, friends, family members, and other people you trust about the reputation of the dental office you are considering. You can also conduct a quick online search to learn what sort of reviews current and past patients have left about the dental office.

When you conduct an online search about Shreveport’s Dentist, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of glowing reviews about Dr. Ben Kacos and his entire team. You too can experience this topnotch dental care, and maybe one day, you will even add your own review to share your personal experience for other future patients to see!

What Are Their Credentials?

It is also helpful for you to look into the credentials of the dentist before you select a dental office for all your dental needs. When you assess Dr. Ben Kacos, an emergency dentist in Shreveport, you will discover that he passes the test with distinction. Dr. Kacos is a member of several professional groups, such as the International College of Oral Implantology (ICOI) and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Ben Kacos is also due to receive a coveted Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) by the end of this year. This honor is only given to outstanding dentists who have clocked not only a minimum of 500 hours of education in a diverse selection of dental disciplines but also those who have a proven record of excellence in conducting a variety of dental procedures. Dr. Kacos has also been listed among the who’s who both locally and internationally. With such credentials, you can confidently count on Dr. Ben Kacos for all your dental care needs.

Are They Passionate About Furthering Their Education?

Being a competent dentist doesn’t stop at acquiring a dental degree. One must keep updating their skills in tandem with the latest developments in the dental fields. For example, only a small fraction of dentists can offer deep sedation, and this can only be possible after they have undergone additional training to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring this form of sedation to dentistry. This is an example to show why continuing education is an important aspect that you must ensure that the dentist you wish to select takes seriously.

Dr. Ben Kacos genuinely loves his calling as a dentist which is why continuous education and learning comes naturally to him. In the span of a year, Dr. Kacos undergoes at least 100 hours of training. This is more than five times what he is required to undergo, but he does it just for the love of furthering his knowledge and skills! To top it off, this learning isn’t restricted to the field of dentistry alone. Dr. Kacos listens to an educational podcast on a daily basis, and the entire team engages in a group reading activity each quarter. This shows how committed the entire dental office is to be the best that they can be to you as our patients.

Can They Perform All Needed Procedures In-House?

It is always better to get all your dental care needs addressed by the team of your dental office in one place. Oftentimes, it can be a little uncomfortable to have to undergo a needed procedure at a different office where you have been referred by your dentist, but yet you don’t know anyone there. For this reason, you should select an office where you will get general dentistry services as well as more advanced care, such as dental implants, bone grafting, orthodontics, wisdom teeth removal, etc.

Because Dr. Ben Kacos is always learning new procedures, he has racked up quite an impressive list of specialist dental services that you can receive at the office whereas other dentists would have to refer you to specialists. From the routine dental cleaning to the most complex bone grafting procedure, you can get all this in the comfort of Shreveport’s Dentist’s dental office. After all, why should you be shuffled from one dental office to another?

What Warranties Do They Offer?

We expect our roofers, plumbers, and other professionals to offer us warranties for the work that they do for us, so the same rule should apply to your dentist. That is why you should do some research about the kind of warranty a dental office offers before you select that dentist for all your dental services. 

Dr. Ben Kacos offers an unparalleled warranty program that is designed to assure you that the services you receive from Shreveport’s dentist will be valuable to you for a long time. For example, Dr. Kacos provides a warranty against breakage for all the dental bridges and crowns that patients receive from the office. He also provides a warranty on cavities and decay for all crowns and bridges obtained. In the unlikely event that you develop a problem after getting a warrantied service, Dr. Kacos will fix the issue at no cost to you.

How Quickly Can They See You?

Your time is valuable, and it pays to find a dentist who will see you at the time you booked an appointment, not one who will make you wait endlessly, and let other priorities get in the way. Therefore, it is important for you to take some time to find out whether the dentist you are researching will always see you or if he or she will make you wait for your appointment.

Shreveport’s dentist will never make you wait to be attended to because we know how valuable your time is. Our team of top performers is all committed to giving you first-class service. This is exemplified in the way we offer patients appointments before our official work hours in order to accommodate those who aren’t able to come in during normal business hours. Additionally, the team takes lunch breaks on a rotational basis so that work goes on throughout the business hours. All this is designed to give you the best service possible in a timely manner.

How Do They Help You Benefit from Your Insurance?

The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies will do everything that they can to lock in as much profit as they can. This means that you have to do a lot of work to get maximum value from your insurance policy, and this task may not be an easy one if the dentist isn’t working to help you with this. The question you should ask is, how will the dentist help me to maximize my benefits from my dental insurer?

Dr. Ben Kacos has a team of insurance coordinators whose number one loyalty is to the patients who walk through the doors of Shreveport’s dentist. This team is so good at what they do that you will be pleasantly surprised to get a report of your full dental insurance benefits the very first time that you visit Shreveport’s dentist for your first appointment. With our team by your side, you will be sure that you have a good idea of how much out of pocket money, you will invest each time you need to undergo a dental procedure.

What Payment Options Do They Offer?

Some dental care procedures, such as dental implant surgery, can be costly, and you need to identify a dentist who understands that everyone has a budget. Such a dentist will have several payment options, some of which can be tweaked to make it possible for you to pay for the care that you and your family need.

Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, is the one for you if you have been searching for a Shreveport dentist who offers multiple payment options. The treatment coordinators on our team will walk you through the different payment options so that you can budget for the dental care that you need. If you are partially insured or have no dental insurance altogether, you can relax in the knowledge that our in-house savings plan can enable you to get the care you need. Additionally, Shreveport’s dentist also offers a number of ways through which you can finance your dental care at no interest or for as long as eight years.

How Up-to-Date is Their Technology?

Dentistry, like other fields of medicine, is evolving quickly and new technology is being introduced to improve the patient experience and offer better care by catching problems earlier and treating those problems using minimally invasive means or in better ways than in the years gone by. You should look for and select a dentist who uses the latest technology to take care of your dental health

As already mentioned, continuous learning comes naturally to Dr. Ben Kacos, Shreveport’s dentist. This means that he and the team are dedicated to learning any new technology that has been made available. For example, in the past, only metal braces were available for treating orthodontic issues, but recently, Invisalign aligners were introduced to address some of the challenges that patients faced with metal braces. Dr. Kacos uses the latest technology, from digital intraoral cameras to the latest software that makes diagnosis and treatment a more precise activity.

Do They Care About Your Overall Health (Apart from Dental Health)?

Recent research has revealed remarkable connections between one’s dental health and their overall health. As you search for a dentist, it is wise to identify one who not only cares about your dental health but also knows that the body is made up of interrelated systems and a problem in one area can quickly affect other aspects of your health.

Thanks to Dr. Kacos and his team’s continuing education, we are aware of the links between dental health problems, such as periodontal disease, and other health issues, such as heart disease and osteoporosis. Shreveport’s dentist keeps an eye out for any symptoms that may warrant a visit to your GP and the entire team takes part in educating patients about how they can preserve not just their dental health but their overall health as well.

We hope that the discussion above has helped you to realize that the task of selecting a dentist from whom you will receive all your dental care isn’t a simple one to be taken lightly. Use the parameters above as a starting point for you to research and identify the best dentist. If you had selected one and aren’t satisfied with the services there, contact Shreveport’s dentist, and we will gladly add you to our constantly growing list of happy patients.

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