Unexpected Dangers of Gum Disease

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Unexpected Dangers of Gum Disease

Do you know that your pearly-white teeth are not the only indicators of your oral health? The health of your gums is also vital in keeping your mouth and body healthy.

Your gum acts as a barrier inside your mouth that prevents inflammation from spreading to other body organs which may adversely affect your bodily functions. In fact, studies have shown that gum disease increases the risk of other health problems, like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, stroke, asthma, and pregnancy complications, and dementia.  

What is Gum Disease?

The infection in your gums or tissues, which provide support to your teeth, causes gum disease. It is also known as periodontal disease. So, we asked our friend, Dr. Cody Cowen, a dentist in Baton Rouge, LA, about gum disease. Dr. Cowen says gum disease is widespread and develops as a result of the build-up of plaque (sticky bacterial substance) on your teeth if they are not taken care of properly. It leads to swollen and infected gums; a condition that is known as ‘gingivitis.’ 

The reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that nearly half of the adult population in the US suffers from some gum disease.

If the inflammation becomes severe, it enters the bloodstream gradually causing damage to the blood vessels in your heart and brain, if left unattended. You need to consult an experienced dentist in Shreveport, LA, Dr. Ben Kacos, who recommends the right treatment option after a thorough examination. This helps prevent the worsening of the disease.

Gum Disease and its Association with Different Health Problems

Gum Disease might be Responsible for Diabetes

According to a research study by the American Diabetes Association, there is a reciprocal link between gum disease and diabetes. Due to periodontal disease, the level of blood glucose level in the bloodstream might be affected. This makes diabetic people vulnerable to bacterial gums infection, causing gum disease.

Your Heart and Gum Disease

Take your gum disease seriously, or it may lead to heart problems. There is plenty of research that supports the link between heart problems and gum disease; however, these studies are not conclusive.

One potential reason is that bacteria in the infected gums penetrate the bloodstream. Through the bloodstream, they travel to different parts of the circulatory system, leading to arterial inflammation and eventually cardiovascular problems.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Cancer and gum disease may not appear to be associated, but studies show an association between the two. This was revealed in a research study performed on 48,375 men to investigate the link between loss of tooth and cancer. The results of the study showed a small yet significant impact of periodontal disease on the overall increase in the risk of cancer.

Gums and Respiratory Problems

Your mouth is a shared passage for food intake and breathing. So, this makes a strong connection between gums problems and associated lung diseases. The results of a research study conducted on 1,380 men found a notable relation between periodontal disease and respiratory dysfunction.

Early detection of any gum problems is the key to prevent associated health problems. You should regularly visit Shreveport’s dentist, for early detection and prevention of any gum problems and save yourself from other potential health issues.

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