Use Your Dental Benefits ASAP

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Use Your Dental Benefits ASAP

Now Is the Time to Use Your Dental Benefits

The calendar year is slowly coming to an end, and this may be the last opportunity you have to save hundreds of dollars by making use of your dental benefits. Many insurance companies run on a calendar year, so your coverage may be coming to an end and you will be due to renew it at the start of the next year. Read on and discover some of the compelling reasons why you should use your dental benefits now by visiting a dentist in Shreveport or one near you.

Using Your Yearly Maximum

Dental insurance plans usually stipulate the maximum amount of money that the insurance company will spend on a policy holder in any given year. For example, your yearly maximum may be $2,000. The balance of what the insurance company can spend on your dental health will not be carried over into the following year if you don’t use those benefits within the year in which they are available. Instead, the yearly maximum will be reset at the start of the following year. You can save a lot of money by seeing a Shreveport dentist like Dr. Kacos for any needed treatment, such as dental cleanings or having a cracked tooth repaired/pulled before those benefits expire.

Maxing Out Your Deductible

Health insurers usually step in to pay for your dental treatment once you have paid the deductible indicated in your policy. The deductible is the amount of money that a policyholder must spend before filing a claim to use his or her dental cover. That deductible also restarts once the year ends.

Visiting a Shreveport dentist now will allow you to spend that deductible so that the insurance coverage can be activated for any additional payment required for the treatment you have received. Otherwise, the year will end when you haven’t made any claim on your dental health coverage. Dental health insurance does not roll over to the next year, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Premium Rate Uncertainty

Now is the time for you to use your dental benefits before the year ends. Why now? You can’t be sure that the insurance company will not increase the premiums of your dental cover. Any increase in the premium may also affect the deductible against your dental insurance plan. By having any needed treatment taken care of now, you avoid having to pay more out of pocket in the event that the premium has been increased.

Possible Fee Increases

Related to the likely premium increases are fee increases by dental offices. The start of a new calendar year usually marks the time when any rate increases take effect.

Such rate increases can cause you to max out the amount that your policy can avail in a year long before the year has ended. It is, therefore, better for you to see a Shreveport dentist before the year ends so that any dental issue you may have can be attended to before the new (higher) fees take effect.

A Stitch in Time…

You should also use your dental benefits now instead of waiting for the next year to start because any dental problem that you may have can get much worse if you delay asking a dentist in Shreveport to assess your condition and design a treatment plan to resolve that problem early.

For example, timely action can prevent a cavity issue from progressing to a level where you have to undergo root canal therapy. Any condition that stays untreated for long becomes more costly and it can lead you to lose the affected tooth. Use your dental benefits now and stop existing problems from worsening.

There, you have it. Don’t let these final weeks of the year pass you by when you haven’t used your dental benefits. Contact your Dentist in Shreveport and have Dr. Kacos check your dental health so that any dental problems can be caught early and addressed before you enter another calendar year.

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