Medical Insurance for Dental Procedures

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Use Medical Insurance for Dental Procedures

Many people may be reluctant to seek treatment for the dental issues that they have. This is due to the fear that their dental insurance may not cover the cost of the treatment. However, oftentimes, they don’t have the cash to cover the rest of the cost. As Dr. Ben Kacos, the best Dentist in Shreveport, LA, explains, that there is good news. There is a possibility for patients to use medical insurance for dental procedures

Many dental procedures can be covered by your medical insurance, as the following discussion reveals. Read on to discover the many different ways you can use medical insurance at the dentist. 

Diagnostic Procedures

Shreveport’s dentist points out the fact that if you undergo a procedure at your dentist’s office, it could be covered by medical insurance. Just because your appointment was at a dental office, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be regarded as a medical one. Many diagnostic tests or procedures, like tests done to find out the root cause of dental pain, are medical. Even though they are ordered by dentists, they serve a purpose to help you medically. 

Therefore, if you undergo an x-ray to find out where an impacted tooth is located, medical insurance can cover the cost of that x-ray. This is because the diagnostic test is a medical one. However, the routine x-rays that you undergo while receiving preventive dental care from your dentist in Shreveport, LA, may not be covered by your medical insurance.  In this case, it is because such preventive care is purely dental in nature.

Non-Surgical Treatments

You can bill your medical insurance for the cost incurred to undergo any non-surgical medical treatment at your dentist’s office. For example, if you have inflammation or a dental abscess, medical insurance can pay for this. This is only due to the fact that such treatment is categorized as needed medical treatment.

Dr. Ben Kacos also emphasizes that medical insurance can cover the cost of a few different things. Sleep apnea devices, night guards for your teeth, temporomandibular disorder orthotics fall into this category as they are deemed to be medically necessary.

Surgical Treatments

It is also possible to bill medical insurance for a number of surgical dental treatments. For example, if Dr. Ben Kacos recommends the removal of your impacted wisdom teeth, medical insurance could cover this. The cost of such a surgical procedure can be billed to medical insurance since impacted teeth pose systemic risks to your overall health.

Hard and soft tissue biopsies can also be billed to medical insurance, such as tooth extraction before organ transplant surgery or radiation treatment. However, tooth extractions performed as preventive measures can only be billed to medical insurance under one condition. If the physician referred the patient to a dentist in Shreveport, LA, for this procedure, it then counts. 

Traumatic Injury Treatment

Many treatment procedures addressing traumatic injuries can be covered by medical insurance. However, our friend Dr. Beth Herko, New Providence, NJ dentist, provided us with some great advice that she gives to her patients. She cautions that patents first need to check and be sure that such injuries aren’t covered by other forms of insurance. Examples of this could be auto insurance, homeowners insurance, or another form of liability insurance.

If the injury is covered by such forms of insurance, you may have to first make your claim against those policies before you turn to medical insurance for relief.

When a traumatic injury is covered, the cost of any treatment intended to restore the appearance and function are usually covered by medical insurance, says Dr. Boals, who provides emergency dental in Colorado Springs.  If you are in doubt about the possibility of medical insurance covering the cost of treating your traumatic dental injuries, talk to your 71105 dentist.

As Dr. Ben Kacos explains, medical insurance providers are increasingly willing to cover several dental procedures. This is true since they now know how important your dental health is to your overall health. For example, if impacted teeth are preventing you from eating, your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Medical insurance can cover the cost of removing the impacted teeth. Thus, your overall health won’t be compromised by your lack of nutrition. However, medical insurance policies differ, so it helps to find out exactly what is or isn’t covered by your policy. We recommend doing this before you consider billing medical insurance for your dental care.

Medical Insurance in Shreveport, LA

At Shreveport Dental Solutions, we are open to exploring all the possible ways of reducing your costs. Don’t let a dental problem fester because you have maxed out your dental insurance. You just might have that cost covered by medical insurance, so contact Dr. Ben Kacos today for a consultation!

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