What Are My Restorative Dentistry Options?

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Restorative Dentistry Options

The impairment or loss of even just one tooth can affect your self-esteem and daily routine adversely. Luckily, restorative dentistry is available to offer cosmetic and functional impacts to those who have lost or damaged their teeth. In this article, you’ll learn what restorative dentistry is and the different restorative dental procedures that are available to you at Shreveport’s dentist.

A Brief Overview of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is aimed at treating a wide range of dental conditions, such as cavities, periodontitis, gingivitis, and broken or damaged teeth. Dr. Ben Kacos, an emergency dentist in Shreveport, LA points out that dental cavities pose the biggest threat to dental health since they affect up to 100 percent of all adults in some countries.

Under restorative dentistry, professionals diagnose, study, and manage the diseases or conditions compromising your dental health. Solutions are then implemented to restore the esthetic and functional integrity of your dentition. Different specialties, including prosthodontics, endodontics, and periodontics, may be involved in addressing your restorative dentistry needs in Shreveport.

Various methods and treatments that vary from the minimally invasive options to those that involve surgery for the most severely affected patients all help fix cosmetic issues, remove any discomfort you may be experiencing, and help save your natural teeth.

Common Restorative Dentistry Procedures 

Emergency Dental Care

Dr. Ben Kacos offers emergency dental care to patients who need it. This emergency care varies based on the specific problem a patient has. For example, you may visit an emergency dentist in Shreveport, LA, when you have a severe toothache. In such a case, Dr. Kacos can examine and treat the infection or any other underlying cause. Whatever your dental emergency, Dr. Ben Kacos will see you without delay and address the situation.

Crown Repair

If your dental crown is broken, cracked, or damaged in any way, restorative dentistry can help to resolve the situation. If the damage isn’t too severe, Dr. Ben Kacos will repair the damaged crown so that you avoid the higher cost associated with getting a replacement. Once the broken crown is cemented back onto your tooth, you are free to head back home and use your teeth as you did before.

Dental Bridges

The restorative dentistry services offered by Dr. Ben Kacos also includes fitting dental bridges. If you lose one or more teeth, artificial teeth can be placed by a dental bridge that is anchored onto your natural teeth on either side of the gaps. The crowns anchoring the bridge help stabilize the remaining natural tooth from moving towards the gap, allowing the artificial tooth to look and function like your natural tooth. You can also see Dr. Ben Kacos if your dental bridge breaks or has any damage. If the tooth is repairable, then that option will be selected since it is the most cost-effective.

Note that dental bridges aren’t very strong, so you may have to adhere to some restrictions to keep the dental bridge functioning properly. For example, the force of your bite is likely to decrease since the artificial tooth on the bridge isn’t supported in the jaw. This means that you may have to avoid hard nuts and other hard foods that could be hard to chew or bite.

Dental Implants

Dental implantology is also an aspect of restorative dentistry in Shreveport. Dental implants are used to provide a firm anchor for replacement teeth, and they function like natural teeth since they restore or even improve upon the bite force you had before you lost your natural tooth.

Some people may have insufficient jaw bone structure to support a dental implant, so Dr. Ben Kacos first performs a bone graft to boost the bone mass. Once you heal from the grafting procedure, dental implant surgery is scheduled so that you can have a replacement that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

Broken Tooth Repair

When your tooth is broken, chipped, or cracked, you need to undergo a restorative dentistry procedure so that the structural strength of the tooth can be restored. The restorative procedure is also necessary to prevent that tooth from being prone to infections and other problems due to chip or crack in the tooth.

The specific repair method or procedure chosen by Shreveport’s dentist will depend on the degree of damage, the overall health of the tooth, the location of that tooth, and any other relevant factors.

The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry Shreveport brings numerous advantages that include the following;

  • It removes any dental discomfort that you were experiencing.
  • Your overall oral health is improved by restorative dentistry.
  • The solutions implemented are long-lasting.
  • You can speak and eat like any other normal person.
  • The restorations look natural.

If you would like to improve the health and appearance of your smile using restorative dentistry, schedule an appointment or call Shreveport’s dentist. Dr. Ben Kacos will assess your condition and go over the different restorative dentistry options that can be useful in your unique situation.

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