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In the past, dentists used an amalgam or a mixture of metal materials to fill and treat cavities. The results though effective, were unnatural looking. The metal fillings were dark, silver and shiny. This posed an esthetic problem for many patients especially those who required treatment for cavities in their front teeth. With the invention of composite resin, patients can receive more natural looking restorations. Dr. Ben Kacos provides white fillings as a treatment for decay, rescuing both the health and beauty of your smile.

The Formation of Cavities

Cavities are fissures or holes in your teeth caused by decay. Inside your mouth, there are hundreds of different types of bacteria. If you are not consistent with your oral health care regimen, then harmful bacteria can get trapped in your saliva and form a clear, sticky substance called plaque. These types of bacteria that lead to tooth decay breaks down the sugars or starches trapped in plaque. Whenever this occurs, the bacteria produces acid, which attacks the mineral structure of your tooth enamel. You can stop this process of destruction by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly to remove plaque, bacteria and food particles. However, once plaque hardens into tartar, the acids and bacteria are impossible for you to remove on your own. This leads to formation of tooth cavities.

Why do I need fillings?

Cavities, if left untreated can become seriously infected leading to root canal or a painful abscess. The process of decay will continue, creating a hole on the outer surface of your tooth. This can crack and before long reach the dentin and nerve center of your tooth. This innermost portion of your tooth is living and sensitive, which is why cavities are the leading cause of toothaches.

Benefits of White Fillings

Natural-colored fillings are mostly used to meet the esthetic desires of dental patients. Dr. Kacos can blend shades and provide a nearly identical match to your natural tooth color. Additionally, the materials allow Dr. Kacos to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. These fillings are durable and versatile and are also a better mimic of the natural enamel of your teeth in both form and function. The composite resins bond with the tooth to create a stronger, longer lasting protection against further decay or infection. Once in place, the white filling responds naturally, allowing bite stress to move through the tooth just as it would with natural enamel and dentin. Lastly, composite fillings are easier to remove and replace if the need arises unlike amalgam fillings which are usually more difficult.

Choosing Dr. Kacos for Dental Fillings

Despite all the advantages of white fillings, there is still a place for amalgam fillings in dentistry. The combination of metal materials has a 150-year proven track record. These more affordable materials are safe and durable, which is why amalgam fillings are still a common option particularly used for molars.

How do you know which type of fillings will best suit your needs? It depends on your patient history, the size and location of the cavity, and any cosmetic concerns you may have. By working together with Dr. Kacos you can make an informed decision about dental fillings. He will help you understand all your treatment options, speak candidly about the advantages and disadvantages, and provide the best treatment for your unique needs.

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