Why Does My Toothache Come and Go?

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Why Does My Toothache Come and Go?

Some people consider their teeth as some of their most precious assets since they are among the most noticeable features in a person. As such, it is only right that these teeth are given the sufficient amount of care.

Proper oral hygiene plays a big role in maintaining your teeth’s health and attractive appearance. With the absence of dental care or prophylaxis, you might suffer disorders such as tooth decay and toothache.

There are many types of toothaches; some are characterized by chronic pain while others are intermittent. For those who suffer from the latter kind of pain, have you ever asked yourself, why does my toothache come and go?

There are a number of causes for such a condition, and while there are different reasons why you experience erratic aching in your teeth, there are also several treatments that can help you find relief.

Dental cracks or fracture

When the surface of your teeth cracks or gets chipped, chances are germs and other foreign contaminants are making their way into the sensitive part of your teeth, the pulp. Once the pulp is irritated, infected, or inflamed, it affects the surrounding teeth, nerves, gums, tissues, and even bones. Thus, pain is felt not just in one particular area of your mouth, but also in other parts of your body such as your neck and ears.

A dental fracture is often caused by physical trauma. It is always best to consult a trusted dentist in Shreveport, LA, after extreme force is applied to your teeth. One of Shreveport’s most reliable dentists, Dr. Ben Kacos, leads a team of experienced dental professionals who provide in-house dental services or procedures such as root canal, endodontic work, braces, and Invisalign. Because of the quality of their service, you can rest assured that your toothache will be properly diagnosed and treated.

Loose dental or ceramic fillings and porcelain veneers

When dental restoration is done, there are cases wherein the fillings that go between your teeth become loose or damaged. In such cases, a toothache can occur and go away all of a sudden. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should go see your dentist and have your restorative filling repaired. One of the best steps is to find a reliable dentist to avoid problems like this.

Dental abscess

Although having a dental abscess is often described as having a chronic toothache, the pain sometimes comes and goes as well. In this case, a root canal is the best course of action to take. It is an invasive dental procedure that only professionals should perform. Trying to remove the abscess on your own may only worsen the problem.

Above are just some of the probable causes of a toothache that comes and goes. To address this or other oral problems, you can check out Benjamin M. Kacos, DMD.

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