Why You Want 3D X-rays from Your Dentist

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3D X-rays from Dentist

You don’t typically think about “patient comfort” when you’re getting a 3D x-ray with your Shreveport Dentist.

For starters, the x-ray packet from a bitewing or periapical exam can bruise the inside of your mouth. A dental x-ray, however, is a key aspect of your dental appointment because it tells your Shreveport dentist if you have gum problems, jawbone damage, or impacted tooth. So it’s sometimes necessary when you go in for a visit.

Fortunately, there is new technology that can significantly reduce your discomfort and provide your dentist with accurate diagnostics.

3D Technology Not Just for Your Teeth

The dental cone beam CT is x-ray equipment that can generate a 3D representation of your teeth, bone, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. Square-shaped 3D x-rays feature an upright chair with a rotating C-arm and the x-ray image intensifier, which contains the x-ray source and detector. There is also a machine that features a moveable table for exams that require you to lie down. This machine comes with a rotating gantry.

But how does it work?

The machine rotates around you, getting data through the cone-shaped x-ray beam. With the captured data, the machine generates a 3D image of your teeth; mouth, jaw, and neck, and the ears, nose, and throat. So it delivers a more accurate “picture” for your dentist to come up with a diagnosis.

3D Exam for Complex Cases

Most dentists might use this technology for orthodontics. Cone beam CT, however, can also work for more complex dental cases.

It can determine the location of your pain or provide a diagnosis for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. It can also provide valuable data for reconstructive surgery or surgical planning for impacted teeth. It can also detect and measure jaw tumor, providing the necessary information for its treatment.

Your dentist can also use cone beam CT for cleft palate assessment, root canal, dental caries diagnosis. The machine can serve a variety of functions that go beyond diagnostics.

The Benefits of choosing a Dentist who uses quality intraoral cameras

Handheld Intraoral Cameras improve your comfort in several ways, too. One, it’s non-invasive. You just have to sit or lie down, and the machine will do all the work. Two, it’s fast, allowing you to get the treatment you need quickly. And three, it’s accurate, giving your dentist better carries detection visuals to work with to come up with an effective dental treatment plan.

With 3D dental Xrays There is still some radiation exposure, but the doses are lower than the traditional computed tomography (CT) machine. Your dentist will determine your suitability for the exam; greater care is especially necessary for kids.

Technology is improving your every visit to the dentist. With the right quality Intra-Oral Camera, you’ll not only expect better comfort, but also ensure greater accuracy with every diagnosis.

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