Wisdom Teeth Timing: What to Expect

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wisdom teeth timing - Dr KacosHow much do you know about wisdom teeth? You may know that wisdom teeth typically come in our late teens and early 20s. When your wisdom teeth come in, it can be quite painful because your mouth has to make room for the extra set of molars. Shreveport’s dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos, recommends visiting an endodontist before oral health issues arise. 

When Do Wisdom Teeth Typically Breakthrough?

Every patient is different. Generally speaking, your wisdom teeth will start to make their way to the surface from the ages of 14 – 22. Some patients may only have one or two teeth erupt, whereas some may not see their wisdom teeth erupt at all. 

Many dentists suggest getting in-depth x-rays around 15 years old. This will allow for an accurate understanding as to where the wisdom teeth are currently sitting and how they are growing through the gum. This understanding will help your Shreveport dentist to work with you on a treatment plan that will best meet the needs of the patient before things take a turn for the painful or the infected. If this does happen, an emergency dentist Shreveport patients will find will typically opt for recommending the tooth be extracted. In the event of infection occurs, your endodontist in Shreveport will recommend extracting your wisdom teeth.

What to Expect if Wisdom Teeth Don’t Fully Erupt

When wisdom teeth don’t fully break free from the gum, they are considered to be impacted. This can prove to be problematic, as decay and infection can set in much easier. This can, in turn, lead to deep decay and the potential for an abscess. In the event that this happens, your Shreveport dentist is very likely to recommend extracting the wisdom teeth before they can cause more issues for you and the overall health of your mouth.

Nervous patients may want to put off a tooth extraction. However, you may suffer the consequences if you don’t seek professional help. If you’re nervous about having your wisdom teeth removed, visit Shreveport’s Dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos, where he offers sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry to his patients. You’ll be offered solutions that will help to ease your anxiety and fear. Just let Dr. Kacos know how you’re feeling about wisdom teeth removal.

What to Expect from Extraction Surgery?

Extractions are never fun to consider. Patients of all ages, however, will soon learn that it’s a relatively painless procedure. Your comfort levels will be considered every single step of the way.

Patients will be sedated and made comfortable prior to the procedure. The teeth will be wiggled loose to make it easier to pull them free. If the tooth is impacted or proving difficult to pull free from the gum, your dentist may break the tooth into pieces in order to make it easier to pull out.

Recovering from the procedure is fairly straight forward, particularly when patients follow the instructions provided by their endodontist. Be sure to pay attention to any recommendations about eating or drinking post-procedure. Dr. Kaco’s wants you to keep these things in mind:

  • Discomfort is expected and normal. It is likely that you will be prescribed pain relievers for a few days.
  • Swelling is normal and should subside within a few days.
  • Bleeding may be possible for the first few hours after the procedure. Gauze can help.
  • A liquid diet is recommended for the first post-procedure days. Be sure to avoid straws.
  • Teeth should still be brushed after meals.

Stay proactive when it comes to your wisdom teeth. Parents should talk to Dr. Kacos about what may need to be done to keep their children’s mouths happy and healthy. Don’t wait to see an endodontist last minute. Wisdom tooth pain can be one of the worst pains out there. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Shreveport, contact Dr. Kacos right away. 

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