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Dental Savings Plan

Single Membership

Shreveport Dental Solutions offers a dental savings plan for adults without insurance. There is no waiting period, and the plan can be used immediately. Discounts are also available on all dental services, including cleanings, fillings, crowns, and more. The plan is available to adults of all ages, and there is no maximum number of visits per year. For more information, please call Shreveport Dental Solutions at 318-745-7135.

Annual Fee


One Time Registration


Family Membership

For many families, dental insurance is simply not an option. For those without insurance, Shreveport Dental Solutions offers a membership plan that can help to make dental care more affordable. Our plan provides discounts on everything from routine cleanings to major procedures. With Shreveport Dental Solutions, families can get the dental care they need without breaking the bank.

Annual Fee


One Time Registration