KoR Teeth Whitening: Why It’s The Best

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One of the biggest cosmetic difficulties people face in maintaining a bright and healthy smile is keeping their teeth white. Food and drink can turn the enamel from white to yellowish, and certain medications and root canals can also cause tooth discoloration.

What is KoR Whitening?

KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching was developed and introduced by internationally renowned cosmetic dentist and bleaching expert Dr. Rod Kurthy. KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is considered the best, most effective, and ultimate solution to your teeth whitening problems. From the most subtle stains to deeply yellowed or tetracycline-stained teeth, KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System offers a highly effective whitening result.

KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System guarantees beautiful, healthy and natural-looking white teeth results with very minimal to zero sensitivity. The process is easy, comfortable, and patient-friendly. With KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System, you don’t need to give up coffee, red wine and all of life’s little pleasures just to have that glowingly beautiful and healthy smile. KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is especially suited for people aged 14 – 90 and promises you positive and permanent results.

How does the KoR Teeth Whitening Deep Bleaching System work?

A mold will be taken of your teeth to create your own bleaching trays. Dr. Ben will help you decide which level of KoR Whitening is the most ideal for your dental needs. You will wear the trays and gel for two weeks while you sleep. Depending on the level of whitening you need, you may also have one or two whitening visits in the office.

Is it safe and is there pain or discomfort during the whitening process?

KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System works hard to provide an easy, safe and patient-friendly process. The custom-made tray seals the bleaching formula inside so you don’t need to worry about leakage.

The whitening formula doesn’t contain any irritating chemicals that are usually included in other whitening products to improve shelf life. This means that most patients experience very little to no sensitivity. Tests have shown that those patients who do experience sensitivity feel no more than 10 percent of the sensitivity they would feel from other whitening gel products.

How long will the whitening results last?

With easy periodic home maintenance, KoR whitening results are permanent.

The whitening and bleaching materials used by KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System have been clinically studied and successfully provided safe, effective treatments on millions of patients.

How old do I have to be to use KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System?

People 14 years of age and up are eligible for KoR whitening. Younger teeth usually whiten more beautifully; however, even older people (up to 90 years of age) will see amazing results.

Is it possible for my teeth to look too white and unnatural after the process?

Real teeth can never look unnatural or “too” white. These tendencies are only true for false teeth, dentures and teeth with crowns or veneers. KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System guarantees that you’ll get the shade that’s perfect for you.

With the rejuvenating effects of KoR Teeth Whitening, you’ll be able to see that “WOW” in your smile in absolutely no time!

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