Finding the Right Dental Implant Specialist
Finding the Right Dental Implant Specialist

Finding the Right Dental Implant Specialist

Your general dentist should be the first person you contact when it’s time for your biannual dental checkup. However, if you need an implant, you may need the assistance of an expert. Finding the right dental implant specialist is important, Dr. Kacos Shreveport dentist, wants to help you make the right decision.

The Right Dental Implant Specialist For You

An implantologist is a dental professional or specialist who can undertake dental implant surgery. Learn more about the role of an oral implantologist and how to select one who is perfect for you from dentist 71105.

What Is the Purpose of a Specialist?

Dental implant surgery involves replacing your lost teeth with prosthetic teeth and replacing your dental roots with metal, screw-like posts. Implant specialist Shreveport states, these artificial teeth resemble natural teeth in appearance and function—the titanium in the implants bonds with your jawbone since they are surgically implanted. As a result, unlike permanent bridgework, your implants will not slide, generate noise, or cause bone injury.

How the procedure is carried out is determined by the kind of implant used and the state of your jawbone. Because dental implant surgery is a sophisticated process, a dental implantologist, such as dental implant specialist in Shreveport, is the ideal individual to do it.

What Is the Best Way to Find a Dental Implantologist?

Periodontists are a great option to assist you in putting your dental implant since they are closely related to your gum tissues and underlying bone. In addition, periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons have received specific training in implant surgery.

Another resource for finding an authorized implantologist is the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s directory (AAID).

How does one go about becoming an implantologist? 

AAID implantologists have achieved different degrees of qualification. AAID associate, such as Dr. Herko, dentist New Providence NJ, fellows have completed 300 hours of implant dentistry continuing education and have spent at least one-year practicing implant operations. AAID fellows have a minimum of 5 years of implant dentistry experience and 400 hours of continuing education in the area. AAID associate fellows and fellows have also completed oral and written tests.

If they are a diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry, they have an even higher level of certification. In addition, these dentists must have conducted at least 75 implant surgeries and have practiced implant dentistry for at least seven years.

However, is it true that a general dentist may do implant surgery? Simply ask your dentist whether they have received any level of AAID certification.

Are Implants the Best Option for Me?

Dental implants may be the solution for you if you have damaged or missing teeth. However, an implantologist must first determine if you have healthy oral tissues. Enough bone to hold the implants in place, and a fully developed jawbone. These variables play a role in deciding whether or not your mouth is suitable for implants.

You’ll also need to commit to the procedure for many months and practice proper dental hygiene regularly. This is to ensure that your mouth heals correctly and that your implants do not fail.

A qualified implantologist will walk you through the procedure and ensure that your implant surgery goes well. If you’re considering dental implants, the first step is to schedule an appointment with a dentist. Contact our office today about questions regarding finding an implant specialist.

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