Meet Your Shreveport Dentist

Meet Your Shreveport Dentist
Meet Your Shreveport Dentist

Did you know that Sunday, March 6th is National Dentist Day? National Dentist’s Day, observed yearly, is an occasion to express gratitude to the fantastic dentists and dental experts who keep our mouths healthy. This holiday makes it the perfect time to celebrate your Shreveport Dentist!

National Dentist Day 2022

Today on the blog, in honor of our special holiday, our team is sharing all you need to know about Dr. Ben Kacos, the best dentist in Shreveport LA. So, read on to learn more about why Dr. Kacos got started with dentistry. Additionally, we share what he is passionate about.

About Dr. Kacos, Your Dentist in Shreveport

To start, it’s essential to know that Dr. Kacos grew up with a mouth full of issues. Consequently, he spent a lot of time seeing dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists. In fact, Dr. Kacos attended college while wearing braces. Throughout his dental treatment, Dr. Kacos, our 71105 dentist, admired how his clinical staff dealt with him. Ultimately, they influenced his life. He knew he aspired to be like them.

Continuing His Dental Education

Ben graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 2011. In fact, he believes that his degree granted him the right to learn. As follows, Dr. Kacos has always been inspired by dentistry and finds himself really fortunate to enjoy what he does so much. Additionally, one of Dr. Kacos’s biggest passions is continuing his education in dentistry. As a result, he loves to stay up to date on the latest dental trends and techniques to continue to serve our patients with the best possible dental care.

Dr. Kacos has received Fellowships and Masterships from major dental implant organizations over the years. He is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. His favorite thing to do is sleep dentistry Shreveport, and as you may imagine, he has a lot of sedation instruction. Dr. Kacos’ schooling easily places him in the top 5% of all dentists in the country.

Additionally, Dr. Kacos ensures that our entire team stays up to date on their dental education. We are passionate about delivering the most effective treatments possible using modern dentistry. We attend new training classes, dentistry lectures, and conferences on a regular basis.

Giving Back to the Shreveport Community

Dr. Kacos enjoys giving back to his community and is active in groups such as Holy Angels, The Hub, local schools, Cub Scouts, the fire department, and Ducks Unlimited, to name a few. His annual smile makeover gift is one of his favorite philanthropic initiatives. The notion of giving back is one of our office’s guiding beliefs. Philanthropy is an important element of our daily lives. We accept our corporate responsibility to give back to Shreveport and the non-profit organizations about which we are enthusiastic.

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Our Shreveport dental team is made up of highly skilled specialists. As a result, when you visit our office, you can always expect to see the most up-to-date techniques, equipment, procedures, and goods. You have nothing to be afraid about! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Happy National Dentist Day!

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